Rapid Test Covid Testing – Hop Farm Kent from 16th January 2021

Residents can now book a symptom free Covid-19 test.

Getting a test will help provide a more accurate picture of cases in Kent and will help reduce the spread of the virus locally.

Key workers and residents living in areas that have a high number of cases, without coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, can use this form to book a test.

To take a symptom-free test you must:

  • live or work in Kent
  • be 5 years old or over
  • have no COVID-19 symptoms

Do not book a test if you are self-isolating or have any of the following symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • loss or change of smell or taste.

Most people with coronavirus have at least 1 of these symptoms.

You must book a separate appointment for each member of your household that needs a test.

To book a test you must:

  • confirm you’re eligible
  • confirm you do not have coronavirus symptoms
  • provide your name, date of birth, postcode and contact details
  • Follow this link to the https://kcc.healthit.org.uk/covbook/home website, read all the information and click to Begin Booking at the bottom of the page


Kent & Medway CCG – Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

The NHS across Kent and Medway are working hard to establish vaccination services for all areas. The vaccination services for more than 90% of our 200 GP practices have now been confirmed and the majority have started vaccinating.

Information about Kent & Medway Vaccination Services can be found online at http://www.kentandmedwayccg.nhs.uk/your-health/coronavirus/covid19vaccine

People will be contacted when the vaccine is available for them.

Please do not phone GP surgeries, the CCG, or other NHS services with general queries about when you will be able to get the vaccine.

You can find out more about the National Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine online at National Guidance for Adults about the Covid-19 Vaccine

Kent Community Foundation – “Knock & Check”

Kent Community Foundation is asking the people of Kent and Medway to help them save lives this winter.

Each year there are around 1600 avoidable winter deaths across the county. We want your help to reduce this number and are asking the people of Kent to check on their elderly neighbours during the colder months when they are most at risk.

Knock & Check is simple – take a look at the small actions which will make a difference within your community , as well as the details of services which can offer a lifeline to the more elderly and isolated

Small actions could make a big difference:

  • Knock on the door to say ‘hello’
  • Offer to pick up some food or add something to your online shopping
  • Drop off a slice of cake
  • Plate up an extra meal
  • Share books or magazines
  • Volunteer for one of our fantastic organisations in Kent and Medway
  • Share details of supporting services

Remember to follow Government guidelines on social distancing to keep communities safe from COVID-19.

  • Keep a 2m distance, staying outdoors at all times
  • Wash your hands before and after a visit
  • Wear a face mask

For further information please visit the website at https://kentcf.org.uk/knockandcheck

Vacancy for Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

We currently have a vacancy for a new member to join the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.

If possible, we would like someone who would be able to represent the younger residents of Paddock Wood but this is not essential.  The most important thing is a love for our town and a desire to help influence its future.

Please contact the Neighbourhood Plan via the facebook page or the Town Council Office if you would like more information.

To keep up to date with what is going on with all aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan you are welcome to join the Steering Group at its meetings.  These are currently being held via Zoom on the third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.  Invitations can be obtained via the agenda accessed through our Facebook page or the Town Council website. The Steering Group is very much looking forward to be moving forward with the project again although it is aware of the challenge of doing so at a time of limited face to face gatherings.  Further information on the Neighbourhood Plan and what it has done/is doing can be found on this website under the Neighbourhood Plan Section.


Kent Police Fraud Alert

Please see the attached poster from Kent Police regarding fraudsters impersonating Internet providers.


Please read the poster and remember that should you receive any of these calls you should hang up immediately and report it to Action Fraud.  Never allow anyone remote access to your computer and never download any unknown software/apps that allow access to your system.  Remember that your real internet provider will never ask you for remote access to your computer.

If you are unsure and want to contact your service provider, please call them via a trusted number, and if possible use an alternative phone than the one you were called on.  If you do not have access to another phone then please allow time for your line to clear or call a family member or friend to confirm that the line has cleared as scammers will try to remain on the line.


Church Farm Development – Update to Tree Removal

Countryside Properties will be sending the following letter to local residents to inform them of further work to remove tree stumps.


TWBC have confirmed that the trees that have been felled are ones that are included within the existing planning permission and will be replaced as part of the new development. It was brought to the attention of planning enforcement officers that work on the trees had started and they reviewed the matter. An administrative process should have been completed before work started and the developer has been advised about this.

Update to the Commercial Road Active Travel Plan

KCC have decided to remove this temporary facility and return the road to its previous operation.

Due to the planned closure of Church Road (for utility reparation purposes) for an extended period of time, there are concerns about accessing Waitrose, the station and other areas from the north of Paddock Wood whilst the planned road works are in place. We completely understand the difficulties that may be experienced if the access restrictions on Commercial Road remain in place during this time and a decision has therefore been made to temporarily suspend the scheme on Commercial Road whilst the Church Road closure is in place.

We believe that the scheme with some potential amendments could bring many benefits to the communities of Paddock Wood and therefore we intend to develop the scheme further during this temporary suspension to the satisfaction of all involved with the aim of re implementing the scheme once the Southern Water works are complete. We will be liaising with local businesses and the town council and will also taking the feedback that was received during the current phase on board to create an enhanced scheme.

Further information on KCC Active Travel Plans can be found at https://www.kent.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/road-projects/in-progress-road-projects/emergency-active-travel-fund-schemes


Notice of Postponed Election for Councillor on the East Ward

Please see the attached notice for the postponed election for a councillor on the east ward.

Further to the recent Notice of Vacancy published for the above Town Council, a valid request by ten local government electors to fill the casual vacancy via a by election have been received by the Returning Officer.

In response to the Covid-19 emergency, the UK government has passed The Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner (Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 and the Coronavirus Act 2020, which postpones all polls up to 6 May 2021.

A date for a poll for the above election will therefore not be fixed until the public health situation has become clearer.

A revised Notice of Election detailing the election timetable will be published by the Returning Officer once a date for the Poll to take place has been fixed.

The full public notice can be viewed HERE