What We Do

What We Do

Paddock Wood Town Council is divided into two wards. The East Ward has seven members and the West Ward has six members. Although elected to a specific ward, members can speak on any issue not just those related to their ward.

Full Council meets on the 3rd Monday of every month, at the Day Centre, Commercial Road. Meetings commence at 7.45, unless otherwise stated.

The Council has five full Committees: Planning and Environment, Estates, Finance, Policy & Procedures and Personnel. The P & E committee meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, except August. The Estates Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of every month, except January & August. The Finance Committee meets in June, November and January to review & set the budget for the following financial year, and the Personnel Committee meets as required. The Policy & Procedures Committee meets January, April, August & October. Other meetings are arranged as and when required.

The Council employs a full time Clerk, a part time Deputy Clerk and a part time administrative assistant. They are based at the Town Council offices in The Podmore Building, St Andrews Recreation Ground.

Also employed is a full time Estates Manager, and two full time ground staff who work 8 – 4 pm and are based at the Memorial Recreation Ground. New workshops were built in 2007.

Two casual members of staff are also employed, one to clean and look after the Day Centre and the other locks the gates at the Memorial Recreation Ground and Foal Hurst Wood each week day.

The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and the Responsible Financial Officer. The Deputy Clerk is the Cemetery Clerk and, also administers the Planning Committee. She will take over in the Clerk’s absence.

The Council has set a precept of £451,366 for the year 2019/20.

The Town Council is responsible for the following areas in Paddock Wood:

Foal Hurst Wood Allotments (Ringden Avenue, Kent Close, Badsell Road)

Cemetery and Closed Church Yard

Putlands Playing Fields

Memorial Recreation Ground & Tennis Courts including pavilion and play area

Elm Tree Playing Fields and pavilion

St Andrews Recreation Ground (Play area, Hall and Podmore Building)

Green Lane Recreation Ground and play area

Green Lane spinney

Clover Way Play Area

The Ridings Play area

Whites Corner Land at the junction of Mount Pleasant and Maidstone Road

War Memorial

Town Centre Planters

Hanging Baskets

Christmas Lights

Day Centre

Open Space at Cobbs Close

The Batters

Open Space at Fuggles Close

Various bins & benches around the town


The council is responsible for limited footway lighting in Paddock Wood, and is a statutory consultee for all planning applications. The Council can also lobby the Borough and County Council when necessary.

A new skateboard park was built in 2007 following a campaign by the Town’s teenagers. The Athletics Club have built a training track at Putlands In recent years new children’s play equipment has been installed in St Andrews Recreation Ground and Memorial Recreation Ground. Fundraising and management of these projects was carried out by Play Paddock Wood.

Work has started on two of the three new housing developments in Paddock Wood

The Town Council is also supporting the Neighbourhood Plan Group.

The Town Council is working on a new community centre project, at the Memorial Field. This will be partially funded by developer contributions.

A list of the Powers and Roles of the Town Council can be found here.