Community Centre Update

At a meeting held on the 8th December Paddock Wood Town Council approved the plans for the proposed new community centre and authorised Baxall Construction to submit an application for planning permission.  Planning permission has now been applied for.  The full application can be viewed on the Tunbridge Wells Planning Portal.

Town Council Opening at Christmas 2020

The Town Council Offices will be closed from noon on the 24th December 2020 and re-open fully on the 4th January 2021.

The answerphone & emails will be checked regularly over this period.

If you are vulnerable and require help over this period, please contact Paddock Wood Community   07385 105340 or on their facebook page

For Flooding queries please visit the TWBC website or the KCC website, which provide numbers to call for emergency flooding.

The staff at Paddock Wood Town Council would like to wish all our residents a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Town Council Offices closed

The Town Council offices will be closed to visitors during the Government lockdown.

If you need to contact the staff, please use the email contact details found HERE

The offices and answerphone will be checked regularly but the staff will also be working from home in line with Government guidance so may take longer to respond to any queries.


Community Centre Updates

The evolving plans for the Community Centre can be found in the Community Centre section of this website.  Click HERE

The latest Business Case and Timeline can be found HERE

The latest Plans can be found HERE