Paddock Wood Town Council is the burial authority for the parish of Paddock Wood and manages two locations.

The Old Cemetery in the closed churchyardThe first is the Closed Churchyard in Church Road, which is the former site of the parish church of St Andrews, destroyed during World War II. The location is no longer available for burials unless a plot was reserved before it was formally closed.

The town has its current Cemetery and Gardens of Remembrance a short distance to the south of the Closed Churchyard opposite the entrance to Green Lane.

The Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of all three sites.

This website sets out in simple terms the rules laid down by the Council for the operation and maintenance of all Council burial sites.

These rules have changed over the years and the Council reserves the right to amend rules if and when necessary.

Scales of fees are reviewed annually with any changes normally coming into effect on 1 April.

Before making any arrangements relating to the Cemetery or Garden of Remembrance please check with the Council that you have the latest version of the rules.

Original grave plots in the Closed Churchyard were allocated on an “in perpetuity” basis, but in the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance most plots have Grants of Right limited to 75 years, at the end of which time graves revert to the Council and can be reallocated.

All burial sites are public open spaces, which means they are available for all to visit and walk through.

During the winter months the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance land is susceptible to waterlogging. Little can be done to alleviate this due to the nature of the soil (predominately clay) and the fact that the entire area is within a designated flood plain. When walking over saturated land, take great care not to slip and if conditions are too wet, you are advised not to attempt to leave the surfaced pathways.

Holders of Grants of Right and their families are encouraged to maintain grave rules. However, because the locations are public open spaces, the Council cannot be held responsible for any damage to or theft from graves, memorials, donated benches or shrubs, etc. These are all uninsured and the Council will not normally undertake any replacement or repair, although it may do so at its own discretion.

The New CemeteryThe burial grounds are a place of remembrance, peace and quiet reflection and the Council will use its best endeavours to keep them in a condition for that purpose. The Council’s powers in respect of cleaning and maintaining are explained in the rules.

Those visiting a grave may be accompanied by a dog, provided it is on a lead and causes no nuisance to others within the cemetery. All dog excreta must be removed by the owner.

Any person behaving in an inappropriate manner may be asked to leave by a member of the Council’s staff.

One rule which applies to all graves is that it is only the owner of the Grant of Right who may request erecting, engraving, modification and removal of any memorial etc.

Garden of Remembrance

Fees from 1st April 2023 can be found HERE

Memorial Bench Guidelines can be found HERE

Cemetery Rules for Funeral Directors can be found HERE

Guidance for Gravediggers and Monumental Masons can be found HERE

Cemetery Rules for Families can be found HERE



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