Terms of Reference for Full Council

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on April 30, 2023


Terms of reference for Council meetings


The Council meeting is the main policy making body of the Council and considers the broad social and economic needs of the Parish.


Terms of Reference

  1. To consider and agree the broad policies of the Council.
  2. To identify the need for new services and facilities and be responsible for the management and maintenance of all parks and open spaces under the control and ownership of Paddock Wood Town Council.
  3. To consider and monitor development plans, strategic planning issues and transportation.
  4. To be responsible for controlling and allocating the financial and manpower resources of the Council.
  5. To consider the distribution of functions between Committees and sub committees and any major policy changes in the Council’s management or administrative procedures.
  6. To consider the financial estimates of the Council and agree the precept to be levied.
  7. To be responsible for the Council’s revenue and Capital Budget and the works scheduled therein.
  8. To be responsible for the collection of all revenue, the raising and renewal of loans and insurance.
  9. To be responsible for the banking financial and accounting methods adopted by the Council.
  10. To authorise Members’ attendance at conferences, courses and meetings, other than NALC/KALC or Borough Training which can be authorised by the Clerk.
  11. To assume responsibility for membership of outside bodies.
  12. To respond to consultative documents from government and other bodies other than those specifically allocated to other committees or sub-committees.
  13. To enter into legal proceedings on the council’s behalf.
  14. To deal with matters not normally dealt with or specifically referred to other committees or sub-committees.
  15. To consider development of appropriate services to the Town Council from other authorities.

Executive Action

  1. To consider and agree the annual budget and all items relating to income and expenditure as set out in the Council’s Annual Budget.
  2. Appointments and nominations to outside bodies which are required or fall vacant between annual meetings of the Council.
  3. Responding to consultation documents, from Government and other bodies, unless delegated to the relevant Committee.



These terms of reference were agreed by the Town Council at its meeting on 8th May 2001, and were last reviewed on 26th April 2023.

Paddock Wood Town Council