Terms of Reference for Estates Committee

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on June 24, 2020


Terms of Reference for the Estates Committee


The Estates Committee considers aspects relating to all estates lands and buildings owned by the Town Council.


Committee membership

Committee membership is approved at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council which is held on the third Monday of May, unless otherwise advised.

The committee may, if it wish co-opt non-councillors to sit on the committee.



The Committee Chairman & Vice Chairman are elected at the first committee meeting after the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.


Frequency of meetings and quorum

The committee will meet on the 2nd Monday of every month, with the exception of January and August. This may be varied depending on the amount of business at any one time.

The quorum of the committee is 50% + 1.


Terms of Reference

  1. To consider all matters, including monitoring of the budget, relating to estate land and buildings owned by the Town Council.
  2. To undertake and audit and continuing review and appraisal of the services provided by the Council through Estate Management.
  3. To make recommendation to the council on relevant statutory and non-statutory policy documents.
  4. To select from its membership a person or persons to represent the Council at relevant site meetings and public enquiries to represent the Council’s previously agreed views.


Executive Action

To recommend items relating to income and expenditure as set out in the Council’s annual budget.


These terms of reference were agreed by the Town Council at its meeting on 8th May 2001, and were last reviewed 26th April 2021