Terms of Reference for Estates Committee

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on June 24, 2020




The role of the Estates Committee is the effective management of the council owned property* and on the instruction of the council the acquisition and development of additional facilities.

(*Property is defined as structure, land and equipment that is owned by the town council or which it has legal responsibility for)



All aspects relating to all assets owned by the Town Council.

This includes

  • monitoring of the budget, relating to estate land and buildings owned by the Town Council. Spending to be within the approved budget
  • To undertake and audit and continuing review and appraisal of the services provided by the Council through Estate Management.
  • Through monitoring achieve a rolling programme of sustainable improvement.
  • To make recommendation to the council on relevant legislation & guidance.
  • To select from its membership a person or persons to represent the Council at relevant site meetings and public enquiries to represent the Council’s previously agreed views.
  • To draw up operational documents such as Terms and Conditions for the use of council assets and cemetery rules, which will be ratified by Full Council.




  1. The Committee Chairman & Vice Chairman are elected at the first committee meeting after the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.
  2. The committee will meet on the 2nd Monday of every month, except for January This may be varied depending on the amount of business at any one time.

The Committee quorum is 50%. of its members.


The Town Council has the right to identify issues that will be dealt at the full meeting of the Town Council.

The Town Council may allocate to the committees matters outside of the above remit with the agreement of the Chairman and Vice chairman of the Committee.