Terms of Reference for Climate Change Working Group

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on May 9, 2023
  1. The working group shall be called Paddock Wood Town Council Climate Change Working Group
  2. Background: Paddock Wood Town Council will embed climate change risks and adaptation measures into its plans and policies and the way it carries out its business, to support the Climate Change Emergency.
  3. Objective: To review and investigate the idea of Paddock Wood Town Council supporting and declaring a Climate Change Emergency.  In addition, the specific objectives are as follows:
    1. To establish ideas of what Paddock Wood Town Council can achieve to ensure local commitments and actions are implemented, to reduce carbon emission and build resilience to the changing climate.
    2. Assess the risks of a changing climate and embed adaptation into the Town Council’s core activities and policies.
    3. Consider the creation of a Climate Change Policy / Strategy document for Council to adopt.
    4. Ensure the Town Council meets the climate change target requirements.
    5. Collect information and report on the group’s progress to full council.
    6. To consider town-wide activity to promote awareness of the Climate Change Emergency and encourage actions to reduce carbon emissions.
    7. Interaction and sharing of ideas and information with other Local Councils, local groups and organisations and appropriate bodies.
  4.  Membership
    1. The group shall consist of at least three Councillors appointed at the Annual Town Council Meeting.
    2. Members of the public can be invited to join the Working Group but will have no voting rights.
    3. The Working Group will elect a Chair from Council Members at its first meeting of each Civic Year.
    4. The quorum for a meeting will be a minimum of two Council Members.
  5. Meetings: The working Group will meet as necessary and will report back to full Council at every available opportunity.
  6. Voting Rules and Regulations
    1. The Councillors’ Code of Conduct will apply to all Town Councillors of the Group
    2. The conduct of meetings (declarations of interests, debates, voting etc) will be governed by the Council’s standing orders.
    3. Recommendations will be determined by majority vote.
    4. The Working Group Chairman will have a deciding vote.
  7. Rights and Powers
    1. The Working Group will have limited delegated powers to:
    2. Make recommendations to the Council for consideration and approval.
    3. Convene Special Meetings in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders.
    4. The Clerk has delegated authority to approve minor expenditure up to £500.00 within the agreed budget, if required.
  8. Responsibilities When recommending a new activity or event or service provision for Paddock Wood, the Working Group will provide an assessment of potential risk or benefits and estimated costs of the new activity or event or service provision.

Reviewed April 2023

Paddock Wood Town Council