Full Council Minutes – 21st August 2023

Minutes Uploaded on September 12, 2023


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF PADDOCK WOOD TOWN COUNCIL HELD ON Monday 21st August 2023 at 7.45 pm in The Day Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood


PRESENT:                            Cllr H Atkins, in the Chair

Cllrs R. Atkins,(TWBC) S. Hamilton (KCC), D. Kent, A. Mackie, T. Mobbs, R. Moon,(TWBC) M. Munday, (TWBC) D. Sargison, J. Thompson, C. Williams.


IN ATTENDANCE:               Mrs N Reay, Town Clerk

Ms E Small, Deputy Clerk


APOLOGIES:                        Cllrs D. Dray N. Maari




There were no residents in attendance.



No questions had been submitted to the Borough or County Councillors.



            Cllrs Hamilton and Thompson declared an interest in Item C51 c.

Cllr Williams declare an interest in Item C54



a) To APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 17th July 2023

b) To NOTE the minutes of the Planning Environment Committee meeting held on the 17th July 2023 & 3rd August 2023

c) To NOTE the minutes of the Estates Committee meeting held on 14th August 2023



a) C42 – Wifi for Day Centre, a mobile hub was now available to enable members to use WiFi in the Day Centre.  Members have been provided with   the log in details.

b) C43 – the new Deputy Clerk has been appointed. Ms Enza Small started work with the council on the 31st July 2023.



a) Cllr Williams proposed, Cllr Mobbs seconded:

The payment vouchers: nos 233 – 288 should be APPROVED.

CARRIED unanimously.

b) The receipt vouchers: nos 142 – 156 were NOTED.

c) Grant Application from Heritage Paddock Wood

Cllrs Hamilton & Thompson declared an interest and left the meeting.

Cllr Kent proposed, Cllr Munday seconded:

The grant of £474.40 should be APPROVED.

CARRIED unanimously.

Cllrs Hamilton & Thompson returned to the meeting.

d) Use of Section 106 funding – Green Lane. The Estates Committee have   requested the release of £6,000 from the £14,000 of funding which is being held for the maintenance of the Green Lane open space. The money is to carry out maintenance to ponds.

Cllr Thompson proposed, Cllr R Atkins seconded:

That the request should be APPROVED

CARRIED unanimously.

e) Use of Reserves – The Estates Committee have requested a total of £9300 from the Town Council’s general reserves for work on Putlands Pond & Elm Tree Pond.

Cllr William proposed, Cllr Thompson seconded:

That the funding should be APPROVED

CARRIED unanimously.



            At present the Estates Manager plus the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Estates Committee are key holders for the Council’s premises.  The Town Council discussed appointing a security company to be a key holder for the council and to respond to alarm call outs.  Costs are as follows:


Contractor Key holding cost annually per site (5 sites) Call out fee Additional Fees
1 £328 £35 for ½ hour £15 for every ½ hour thereafter
£100 as existing customer *
2 £294 £35 for 1 hr £8.75 for every 15 minutes there after
3 £100 £40.50 for 1 hr £25/ hr thereafter



Cllr R Atkins proposed, Cllr Williams seconded:

            That Contractor 1 should be appointed as key holder for the Town Council.

CARRIED unanimously.



            The public toilets in the east car park in Commercial Road are owned and managed by TWBC.  On the 28th July the Cabinet Member for Communities Approved the following:

“That the Council’s Estates Department work with Paddock Wood Town Council to explore the option for them to take on the ownership of their public toilets.”

The Town Council currently contributes to TWBC of £7,000 a year towards the upkeep of the toilets.

The chairman had contacted TWBC for further information and advised the following:

  • TWBC were not willing to give up the freehold of the site.
  • There were looking for PWTC contribute the full costs of running and maintaining the toilets.
  • Or take over the running and maintenance of the toilets itself.
  • The only other alternative was to close the toilets.



Members discussed whether the toilets were needed, and it was pointed out that the residents already paid for the toilets in the precept to TWBC.


Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Mobbs seconded:

That Standing Orders should be suspended to allow the Borough Councillors to speak.

CARRIED unanimously.

BC Munday advised that the decision was not yet finalised and was only for discussion.

A break down of the costs was given but further discussion discussions were needed.

BC R Atkins that they would like guidance from the Town Council as to how to proceed.


SO were re-instated.


Members further discussed as to whether the Town Council should consider taking over the toilets.


Cllr Williams proposed, Cllr Kent Seconded:

The cabinet member for Communities should be asked for the following information:

Detailed breakdown of costs

What costs were included in the precept for Paddock Wood?

In the event that the car parks were disposed of where new ones would be re located and the costs of re-location.

CARRIED 10 in favour, 1 abstention



a) The application to amend the opening hours of the nursery portion of the Centre had been submitted to the planning authority.

b) The application to install the signage outside had been submitted to the planning authority.

c) The opening of the centre will take place on Sunday 3rd Greg Clark MP carry out the formal opening of the centre.

d) Cllrs Munday and Mackie attended the August board meeting and will give a report to members.

Cllr Munday proposed, Cllr Kent seconded that:

Under section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 the  following item should be exempt from the press and public due to legal  privilege & commercial confidentiality.

            CARRIED unanimously.


Following a discussion Cllr Mobbs proposed, Cllr Moon Seconded:

That the Directors of PWCC Ltd should have access to the cashflow for the project.

            CARRIED 8 in favour and 3 abstentions.


The meeting was re-opened to the press and public


Cllr Munday reported that the meeting was constructive, and that the community centre was doing well.  A copy of the minutes from the meeting were circulated to members.


e) Defect notices – Members confirmed that the Clerks, Estate Manager and the PWCCO Ltd can raise defect notices in respect of the community centre.

A defect notice form is contained within the OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL from the contractors.  These must be submitted to the contractor      and the Council’s Technical project manager for action.  The CC manager   has advised that she has submitted 12 defect notices in total for minor       snags which have occurred since she took up post.  All have been   actioned             promptly by the contractors.


Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Munday seconded:

That the Council should be made aware of any defect notices which were issued.

CARRIED 1 abstention.



            Posters and banners have been put up to encourage residents to vote in the referendum on the 14th September 2023.  There are strict guidelines governing referendums and the Council cannot seek to influence which way  residents should vote.


Members discussed distributing a leaflet to all addresses in Paddock Wood urging residents to vote.  The Clerk advised that the distribution would need to be organised Councillors as the office did not have enough time due to staff leave.


Cllr Hamilton proposed, Cllr H Atkins seconded:

That a leaflet urging residents to vote and containing the location of the polling stations, a QR code for the details of the NP and the date should be distributed.

CARRIED unanimously.  Cllr Mobbs would co-ordinate the distribution



            The Statement had been reviewed by Croner and the updated version requires approval and signing by the chairman.


Cllr Hamilton proposed, Cllr Kent seconded:

That the document should be signed.

CARRIED unanimously.



            (Cllr Moon advised he was a member of the Club and abstatianed from this item.)

            PW Bowls Club have contacted the council to seek permission to erect an additional building alongside the existing clubhouse to act as a changing.



Cllr Hamilton proposed, Cllr Munday seconded:

That the proposals should be APPROVED.

CARRIED 10 in favour, 1 abstention.



The Town Council is currently using Exchange Online (Plan 1) at £3.30 User/Month for its emails. This will need to be increased to £4.90 to upgrade     to OneDrive with 1T of storage each. A total of £244/year. This will enable the      documents required for meetings to be   stored in a central location and updated as required.  Members will be able to access directly from their devices at meetings now that Wi-Fi is available in the Day Centre. Paper copies can be made available to members who do not have the necessary devices or would prefer a paper copy for meetings.  Subject to members agreement it is hoped to introduce the new system at the October Council meeting.



            For information

            Following on from the debate at the Estates meeting (ref ES33) the Chairman has asked that members note the following from the Council’s Officer Member Protocol:

“The purpose of this Protocol is to guide Members and Officers of the Council in their relations with one another in such a way as to ensure the smooth running of the Council.  Officers covered by this protocol are the Town Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Estates Manager.  Other members of staff are covered by the Council’s employment policies.”


The Governance Committee will be reviewing this protocol at its meeting on the 29th August 2023. The Civility and Respect Project which the Town Council has signed up to has issued a revised protocol which makes this clearer.



            For information only

The CAV service was suspended in March 2020 by both TWBC and TMBC due to the impact of Covid and to free up HGV driver resources for weekday collections. village in the Tunbridge Wells Borough. The Cabinet member for     Environmental Services Cllr Ellen Neville has written to the Town Council advising that TWBC will not be re-introducing the service due to financial constraints.



            To receive updates from representatives

(a)       Chairman’s meeting.- no meeting

(b)       Paddock Wood Business Association – Shop Local signs being replaced.  Would like to join HIP group.

(c)       Bereko Committee   – quiz night 23rd September, venue to be confirmed

(d)       KALC – no meeting

(e)       Medway Valley Line – Sustrans working with group on a project to put up   information on the history of the railway in the Station. Also working on    waymarking signs to the start of HP Line at John Brunt

(f)        Hop Pickers Line – artwork be developed for a lectern on green opposite   John   Brunt pub.  Application needs to be made to KCC for permission. Members agreed that the council would make the application and maintain the board.  The board will be funded by S106 money.

(g)       Youth Council –  no meeting

(h)       Putlands Leisure Centre – meeting scheduled for the 5th September 2023

(i)         Highway Improvement Plan – no evidence of crashes or excessive speed on Warrington Road.  Lorry Watch may be appropriate to help with traffic.  SIDS – of the proposed sites only one was considered suitable KCC would only fund if there were     three   appropriate    site and they have advised there are no other suitable sites.  More members of the public are needed for the group as it should be public led.

(k)        Reports from meetings which members have attended on behalf of the Town Council.



The next meeting will take place on Monday 18th September 2023 at 7.45 in the Day Centre.


Meeting closed at 10.35







Paddock Wood Town Council