Full Council Minutes – 17th January 2022

Minutes Uploaded on February 15, 2022


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373



PRESENT:              Cllr M Flashman, in the Chair

Cllrs R. Atkins, (TWBC) D. Boyle, S Hamilton (KCC & TWBC)

  1. Moon, M Ridger, C. Williams, A. Mackie, H Atkins, R. Turk, T. Bisdee


IN ATTENDANCE:  Mrs Reilly, Deputy Clerk

1 resident


APOLOGIES:          Cllrs D Sargison, D. Kent



No questions were submitted in advance but a resident in attendance asked for:

  • Additional information regarding payments towards Baxalls in January from reserves.


  • Whether the Council were aware of the KCC Commissioning Plan for education 2021 – 2022.

As these questions were not submitted prior to the meeting the resident would be provided with a written or oral response later.



No questions were submitted for the Borough or County Councillors.

  1. a) B Cllr Atkins advised that the TWBC Budget consultation had closed, and the results would be on the website.
  2. b) KCC Cllr Hamilton updated members on the KCC Commissioning Plan for education 2021 – 2022 and asked whether the Council were aware of

She also asked for an update on the HIP when available.

  1. c) Cllr Boyle requested a response to the questions to KCC Cllr Hamilton that he had previously submitted but are still outstanding.



There were no declarations of interest.



Minutes of previous meetings are available on the Council website

(a)     To APPROVE the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 15th November 2021 & 29th November 2021. These were approved and signed accordingly.

(b)     To NOTE the minutes of the Planning & Environment Committee meeting held on the 15th November & 6th December 2021. These were noted.

(c)      To Note the minutes of the Finance Meeting held on the 6th December 2021 & 10th January 2022. These were noted.

(d)      To Note the minutes of the Estates Meeting held on 13th December 2021. These were not circulated in time for the meeting and would therefore be noted at the next meeting.






  • C68b – a one off garden waste collection has been carried out in Paddock Wood. Further collections are planned from the 10th January 2022. The borough council will notify residents.

Members discussed the following:

  • when the full service might be resumed
  • whether there had been a noticeable increase in fly tipping of garden waste
  • sustainability of individual trips to the dump
  • whether there were penalties due from the contractor for breach of contract
  • whether the waste service might be better brought back ‘in house’
  • why Tonbridge and Malling had been able to resume the full service.


  • C68(c) – A response had been received from TWBC regarding the risk assessment for the closure of the HWA. The response had been forwarded to members. Members discussed whether the document provided was an adequate risk assessment.



  1. To APPROVE the budget of £523,620 for 2022/23

Cllr M Flashman proposed, and Cllr C Williams seconded that the budget be approved. Carried unanimous.

  1. To APPROVE the precept of £500,977 which is an increase of 3.6%

Cllr M Flashman proposed, and Cllr D Boyle seconded that the increase be approved. 10 in favour 1 abstention. Carried.

  1. To APPROVE the payments list. Voucher nos: 497 – 710

Cllr M Flashman proposed, and Cllr D Boyle seconded that the lists be approved.

Carried unanimous.

  1. d) To NOTE the receipts list voucher nos: 178 – 224

(c)      To consider grant request from the Community Car Service.

Members discussed the balances shown in the Charity’s accounts.

Cllr S Hamilton proposed and Cllr M Flashman seconded that the full grant of £500 be agreed. 5 in favour SH/MF/MR/AM/RT 1 against DB 4 abstentions RA/HA/CW/TB Cllr Hamilton asked for a recorded vote (see initials)



To receive an update on the current position Cllrs Flashman and Williams advised:

  • It is hoped that the contract will be sent to the Council this week. It has been checked by the council’s legal advisors and by the Technical Project manager.
  • Working party update on events thanks were given to all those who had helped with distribution of leaflets, and it was advised that the Friday event was expected to be well attended and that there had been interest in the Saturday event when delivering the leaflet and that many residents had made positive comments.
  • A report on the forming of the trust will be put to councillors next month after it has been reviewed by the working party and the board.
  • A pre contract meeting is being held next week – this is organised by the Council’s technical manager.
  • A site meeting with Kent Cricket board is also being arranged.



Members discussed the potential land transfer and expressed concerns re flooding matters, accuracy of boundary and whether hedging might be preferable to fencing. Deputy Clerk to keep members updated. Cllr S Hamilton proposed, and Cllr C Williams seconded that the Council agree to the transfer of the land subject to a legal agreement for the transfer. Unanimous. Carried.



Update from Chairman. It was advised that the draft plan and the design codes and been submitted to TWBC so that they could screen to see if an SEA was required and also provide comments on the documents. TWBC advised that they have completed their SEA screening and from their point of view this will not be required, and it will now be forwarded to the various statutory bodies to be checked and a response is expected in the next three weeks. Comments from TWBC will be discussed at the next NP meeting. Consultation with residents will be arranged once the SEA decision is in.

All Councillors have been provided with copies of al the documents.



  1. a) The Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6th April 2022. The event is normally held in the Day Centre and must be held by the 1st June each year.


Cllr S Hamilton proposed and Cllr M Flashman seconded that the office should investigate available premises for 11th/12th/18th/19th May. Carried. Unanimous

Cllr Hamilton asked if the Masonic Hall had been considered.

  1. b) At the meeting in November the following topics for a speaker were put forward.
  2. a) Climate Change – Trying to Achieve Net Zero
  3. b) The Changing Face of Primary Health Care

Members discussed the options and were content with either subject. Office to investigate availability of a venue and secure a speaker.



          Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic member are asked to consider the format of meetings going forward. The government has not re-instated the legislation that allows for online meetings therefore the council can only meet in person to make decisions.

The following options are put forward for discussion.

  1. a) Carry on as normal
  2. b) Try to book church hall for full council meetings going forward and use the Day Centre for Committee meetings only. All non-council (e.g., Neighbourhood Plan, Community Centre) meetings to be held via Zoom where possible. (RECOMMENDED)
  3. c) “Downgrade” committee meetings to working party meetings to be held via zoom and decisions ratified by full council
  4. d) Cancel all council meetings for the foreseeable future and delegate to officers (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Cllr C Williams proposed, and Cllr R Turk seconded that option b) should be adopted. (10 In favour 2 against. Carried.



The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out a review of the ward boundaries for TWBC.

This is a public consultation, and they are seeking comments from individuals and organisations across Tunbridge Wells on where they think new ward boundaries should be drawn.

The borough is considering recommending that thirty-nine councillors should be elected to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in the future. This is nine fewer than the current number of councillors.

In drawing up new electoral wards, there are three legal criteria to consider:

  • to deliver electoral equality: where each councillor represents the same number of electors as others across the borough.
  • that the pattern of wards should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities.
  • that the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.


Full detail of the consultation can be found at The consultation closes on the 21st March 2022.


It is recommended that a working party of councillors should review the proposals and bring a draft response to the full council at its meeting on the 21st February 2022. Members did not discuss this.


It was confirmed that Cllrs Moon, Hamilton, Atkins and Flashman would be attending a TWBC virtual briefing on this on 20th January.



(a)      Chairman’s meeting.

There was discussion re the garden waste service, the CAV service, budget consultation and digital accessibility.

(b)      Paddock Wood Business Association

They are launching a new website in February and have had discussions with the publisher re the next Town Guide.

(c)      Bereko Committee   -no meetings

(d)      KALC – no meetings

(e)      Medway Valley Line -no meetings

(f)       Hop Pickers Line -no meetings but are in discussions with TWBC re securing the S106 developer contribution that is due.

(g)      Youth Council – Have some new members, an additional adult helper and are very interested in leading on the Platinum Jubilee celebration. They would also like to be involved in any planning for additions to the skate park.

(h)      Putlands Leisure Centre Liaison meeting -no meetings

(I)       Liaison Meeting with developers -no meetings

(j)       Strategic Sites Meeting & Future Development Plans-no meetings

(k)      Royal British Legion-no meetings



The following training courses have been undertaken.


Date Course Attendee Run by
October 2021 Dynamic Councillor Cllr H Atkins KALC
November 2021 Making Rural Housing Affordable Cllr D Kent NALC
December 2021 Future Communities Cllr D Kent NALC
December 2021 Climate Change Conference Cllr M Flashman

Cllr R Moon

January 2022 Planning Training Cllr C Williams

Cllr A Mackie

Cllr R Moon




These were noted.



Under section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 the following item may be exempt from the press and public. Members will take a vote.

(Advise has been sought from the Kent Association of Local councils on this matter and they have advised “All complaints will be in closed session……. but any decision as ever goes into the minutes in the usual way.”)


Cllr D Boyle proposed, and Cllr C Williams seconded that the matter should be considered in private in line with the KALC advice. (9in favour 1 against 1 abstention). Carried.



          To consider the attached complaint and agree a response.


At this point the caretaker arrived to lock up the Church and the meeting was unable to continue. Cllr S Hamilton proposed, and Cllr R Atkin seconded that the matter should be deferred to an additional meeting and the resident advised. Unanimous.



The next meeting will be held on Monday 21st February 2022 at 7.45 pm in the Winter Hall, St Andrews Church.


The meeting closed at 9.35pm


Paddock Wood Town Council