Finance Agenda – 12th December 2022

Agendas Uploaded on December 6, 2022


The Podmore Building, St Andrew’s Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6HT Telephone: 01892 837373


NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE TO BE HELD on Monday 12th December 2022, in the Day Centre Commercial Road at 7.45 pm






F21      MINUTES

F21.1   To approve the minutes from the previous meeting held on 10 October 2022                             (Attached)

F21.2   Update on Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting


F22      BANK AND CASH BALANCES:  The total balances as of the 31 October 2022 was £659,121.35.  The balances at 30 November 2022 are to follow.


F23      FEES and TARIFFS To consider the Council’ fees and tariffs for the year 2023/2024. In December 2022 the council agreed that the increase its fees by the September CPI (10.1%) unless facilities had been improved in which case the fees should be further reviewed.                                                                                 (Attached)


F24      AUDIT

F24.1   Independent Internal Audit: In 2022/2023 the council appointed David Buckett as its internal auditor. It is recommended that the council re-appoints Mr Buckett for the year 2023/2024.

            F24.2   External Auditor:  The SAAA has announced the conclusion of its procurement process and has appointed Mazars LLP as the external auditor for the five financial years from 2022-2023 to 2026-2027.  The audit fees are likely to be £1,365.00 per annum.


F25      BUDGET

            F25.1   Existing Contracts:  To review

            F25.2   Subscriptions:  To confirm                                                                          (Attached)

            F25.3   To note the anticipated figures for the year end.                          (Attached)

            F25.4   To consider the draft budget figures and notes for the 2023 / 2024

                        Note:  The budget is to be finalised at the January 2023 meeting.          (Attached)


F26      DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  To confirm as Monday 09 January 2022



Karen Bell

Locum Clerk to the Council

06 December 2022

Paddock Wood Town Council