Planning Minutes – 4th May 2021

Minutes Uploaded on June 3, 2021


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373

MINUTES of the Planning and Environment Committee meeting held on Tuesday 4th May 2021 at 7.00 pm



PRESENT:                    Cllr C Williams, in the chair

Cllrs R Moon, , D Sargison,  Cllr M Ridger, Cllr D Kent



IN ATTENDANCE:         Mrs C Reilly Deputy Clerk


APOLOGIES     None   






To APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 20th April, 2021.

                        These were approved and signed by the Chairman






Application Address and proposal Comments
a) 21/00913/FULL Norman Collett Ltd Norman Collett House Transfesa Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6UT. Installation of 2 no. nitrogen storage tanks. Installation of 2 no. nitrogen storage tanks Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that the Council have no objection to this application. Unanimous
b) 21/00600/FULL Greenfields Farm Old Hay Brenchley Tonbridge Kent TN12 7DG. Retrospective application for parking, secondary access track and storage (shipping containers and waste bins) associated with existing industrial units, new permanent Gypsy and Traveller site (part retrospective) for 10 pitches, site manager accommodation, parking and amenity blocks, attenuation pond for surface water storage (including permanent pool) as well as proposed biodiversity and landscape enhancements Cllr R Moon proposed and Cllr C Williams seconded that The Council object to this application on the following grounds:

The Council support the comments from KCC regarding flood risk and highway matters and further object to this application ;

The application is retrospective and should have been submitted lawfully in the normal manner.

The site is in a flood zone 1 Highly Vulnerable and therefore unsuitable for residential use plus the additional risk of oil and chemicals from the site polluting the proposed pond and the receiving water courses. Whilst the applicant states there is no historic record of flooding this is because the land was not previously developed for any residential development. There is a trebling of the impermeable surface and this is unlikely to be mitigated by the proposed swale and pond. Their own acknowledgement of the need for ‘warning measures’ as well as mitigation highlights the risk to life.

The location is unsustainable for additional residential use as it requires travel by car to reach any amenities with the single track already busy and dangerous being used by heavy haulage vehicles. The single track private road is already experiencing a very high level of vehicle movements 7 days a week and these should not be increased.

Access for emergency vehicles is poor.



c) 21/00746/FULL 12 Mascalls Park Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6LW. Demolition of existing car port; erection of part two storey, part single storey extension; addition of new first floor window to South elevation; new porch Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that The Council have no objection to this application subject to measures being in place to manage additional surface water run off from the increased roof area. Unanimous




Land And Open Space Goldings Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent. Proposed 7 no. 2.5 storey three bedroom five person dwellings; parking; landscaping Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Kent seconded that The Council object to this application on the following grounds :

The site already floods.

The proposal is detrimental to the residential amenity of the neighbouring properties due to the loss of open recreation space and the height of the proposed development will result in overlooking.
The Town Council refers to policy grounds for objection within the borough’s own adopted policies as regards loss of recreation space and the failure to meet Policy R1 of the 2006 Local Plan

The matter of the surcharged foul drainage sewers at and around this location resulting in foul water coming up in residential downstairs toilets has not been addressed since an outline application was approved on this site. This proposal therefore increases the health hazard for both existing residents of the Goldings and any future occupants of the development.

There is already insufficient parking in this area and this would further reduce that provision. Residents of the Goldings currently use part of this open space for parking in the evenings and at weekend.




e) 21/01228/FULL 87 Warrington Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6HR. Demolition of existing carport and garage; erection of new 1 bedroom bungalow and alterations to fenestration of existing bungalow Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Sargison seconded that the Council object to the application on the following grounds

Loss of parking space .
Warrington Road is characterised by low density bungalows and chalet bungalows and this infill development is therefore out of keeping with the distinctive established street scene.
Proposal will result in substantive loss of light for existing bungalow.

f) 21/00996/FULL 1 Woodlands Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6AR. Part double side extension and part double rear extension; minor interior alterations Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr R Noon seconded that the Council object to the application on the grounds that

The extension is right up to the boundary

There is no side access

It is out of keeping with the street scene

There is no plan for management of the additional surface water run off.


g)21/00798/FULL Change of use to care facility for foxes, with ancillary office and storage (Retrospective) Unit 2B 39A Maidstone Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6DG Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Kent seconded that the Council have no objection to the application subject to the applicant installing soundproofing so that neighbours are not disturbed. 4 in favour 1 abstention. Carried.




21/00544/FULL  Approved         20/03422/FULL  Approved

20/03617/FULL  Approved         20/03150/LAWPRO        Approved

21/00378/FULL  Approved         20/03822/TPO   Refused

20/01271/FULL  Withdrawn

21/00492/FULL  Approved


These were noted.



PE 121              CHAIRMANS REPORT


The Chairman updated members on

  • Progress of the ‘major’ junction improvement for Badsell Road/Maidstone Road/Mascalls Court Road. Noting that it is not on the KCC list of developer funded improvements for the current financial year year and that the deputy clerk had been advised that the design of the scheme would be commenced once the first tranche of funding was received from the developers.
  • A resident member of the Countryside/PWTC/Resident liaison group has successfully approached the developer to provide a bowser to damp down the dust from the construction works which has resulted in a reduction in the dust flying off site.
  • The matter of the footpath crossing between the 2 development sites on Church Road has not been resolved despite efforts from the deputy clerk contacting TWBC Planning, KCC PROW officer and having the agreement of Persimmon that the footpath can in principle go directly onto their site instead of diagonally into the Green Lane Recreation ground. It was suggested that the County member and Borough Members should be approached to seek a resolution, this to be taken up by the deputy clerk.




The next meeting will take place at a time to be agreed on Monday 7th June at the Day

Centre, Commercial Road.






Paddock Wood Town Council