Planning Minutes – 1st November 2021

Minutes Uploaded on November 10, 2021



The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373

MINUTES of the Planning and Environment Committee meeting held on  Monday 1st November 2021.



PRESENT:                 Cllr C Williams, in the chair

Cllr R Moon, D Sargison Cllr D Kent , Cllr A Mackie


IN ATTENDANCE:     Mrs C Reilly Deputy Clerk


APOLOGIES  Cllr T Bisdee 






To APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 18th October, 2021 These

were approved.



PE58               CHAIRMANS REPORT

  1. PWTC have been informed of the Maidstone Borough Council Reg 19 consultation which runs from 29 Oct until 12th It was agreed that the link should be forwarded to all members for comment.
  2. Members discussed the continuing problem with construction lorries from the Church Farm site using Warrington Road in breach of the approved CEMP. Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Kent seconded that the Chairman should write to County Cllr Hamilton, Planning Enforcement, Kent Highways and Kent Police asking for enforcement of the planning condition. Unanimous
  3. Members have been unable to contact Borough Cllr Hill so the members and the resident who volunteered would continue to draft proposals within the KCC template for discussion by members.



The PSDLP has not yet been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate but will be submitted in November. Members discussed the poor provision of Youth facilities in the town and the insufficiency of the road network for development to the east of the town.





Application Address and proposal Comments

NOTE-Reconsultation, some comments already submitted.

Church Farm And Land Church Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent. The construction of 60no. dwellings, associated infrastructure and landscaping (as an additional parcel of development to that approved under 14/504140/HYBRID)  Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Sargison seconded that the Council maintain their previous objections to the additional 60 units and refer to the additional Network Rail comments.


b)21/03297/FULL Fairfield Old Hay Brenchley Tonbridge Kent TN12 7DG. Conversion of three existing outbuildings to residential use with associated amenity space, parking and biodiversity enhancements  Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Kent seconded that the Council object to the application on the following grounds

·       The location is unsustainable as future residents will be dependent upon the use of the private car due to the rural location.

·       The area is subject to surface water flooding.

·       The ecology report appears inaccurate as it mentions the presence of numbers of bats but has not identified roosting areas so cannot demonstrate that these are not in the buildings earmarked for redevelopment. Unanimous.





Application Address and details of proposals TWBC    decision Town Council Comments
21/02801/FULL Upgrade/replacement of the single storey rear existing conservatory to create a garden room; existing ground floor rear window and door to be replaced with a window and removal of the rear chimney | 57 Allington Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6AP Permitted No objection
21/02661/FULL Demolition of existing lean to and erection of first floor side extension above existing garage | 44 Maidstone Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6BT Permitted No objection subject to consideration of the trees on the adjacent property and the construction respecting the property boundary
21/02623/FULL Erection of single storey front extension; change flat roof on kitchen extension to a pitched roof with rooflights; changes and alterations to front door and fenestration | 5 Concord Close Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6UJ Permitted No objection to the application subject to provision being made to deal with additional surface water run off
21/02636/ADV Advertisement: 3x externally illuminated building signs and 1x illuminated projecting sign | Unit W Paddock Wood Distribution Centre Transfesa Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6UU Pemitted. No objection
21/02501/FULL Demolition of existing dwelling, erection of 7 no. 2 bedroom apartments, 1 no. 3 bed detached dwelling, and 1 no. 4 bed detached dwelling, together with associated access, car parking and landscaping (Part Retrospective) | 15 Church Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6HD Permitted The Council object to the application referring to their 3 detailed objections to the original application 19/00840 and on the grounds of: Insufficient parking and as per comments from KCC Highways No FRA submitted taking into account the revisions to the original plan No information regarding SUDS provision taking into account the revisions to the original plan Boundary onto Church Road appears to have been moved forwardonto land owned by KCC and TWBC. PWTC Request a stop order be put in place until these matters resolved to the satisfaction of KCC/EA and other statutory consultees.
21/02397/FULL Change of use from a dwellinghouse (Class C3) to a mixed used comprising of a dwellinghouse (Class C3) and hairdressing salon (Class E) | 132 Maidstone Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6EB Permitted OBJECTION 1. This is likely to increase vehicular access and egress to the site on a busy main road at the junction with Ringden Avenue. Th layout of the parking is likely to require vehicles to reverse onto the road when leaving. 2. The plans suggest vehicular egress onto the Ringden Avenue but there is an electrical substation located at this point 3. This is outside the commercial area of the town 4. There is no information on disposal of the increased waste water
21/01278/FULL Construction of timber framed garden office (retrospective) | 1 Catts Place Cottages Mile Oak Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6NH Permitted OBJECTION 1. The building put up as an office is not in keeping with the cottage or buildings in the area 2. This is an area of regular flooding and there is no surface water management plan 3. If approved the building should not be used for overnight accommodation.
20/03848/FULL Development of a new community centre to include a 40-place nursery and associated play space, car parking and landscaping. | Paddock Wood Memorial Recreation Ground Maidstone Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent Permitted Did not comment.
21/02232/FULL Rear first floor extension and side dormer | 3 Catts Place Mile Oak Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6NQ Permitted No objection to the application provided the adjacent property is not overlooked by the dormer window
21/02272/FULL Proposed first floor extension, garage conversion; infilling the porch and installing a new front door with side windows | 43 Dimmock Close Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6HS Permitted The Council object to the application on the grounds of loss of parking whilst increasing the number of bedrooms and therefore potentially the number of residents that may require parking in a road where on street parking is already a problem resulting in congestion
21/02430/FULL Variation of Condition 6 (Construction hours) of 14/504140/HYBRID – Temporary extension to the construction hours on site to 8:00 to 20:30 Monday – Friday inclusive and Saturday 8:00 to 16:00 up until 30th September 2021 | Church Farm And Land Church Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent Application withdrawn Objected.


These were noted.



The next meeting will take place at 7.00 pm on Monday 15th of November at the Day

Centre, Commercial Road.


Meeting closed at 9.25



Paddock Wood Town Council