Estates Minutes – 8th March 2021

Minutes Uploaded on April 8, 2021


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Road, Paddock Wood

Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373



MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE ESTATES COMMITTEE held on Monday 8th March 2021 at 7.30pm, held via ZOOM.



PRESENT:                Cllr D Boyle, in the chair

Cllrs R Atkins, M Flashman, R. Moon, D. Sargison, R. Turk


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mrs N Reay, Clerk to the Council

Mr K Butler, Estates Manager

3 residents


APOLOGY:                Cllr E Thomas





The minutes of the meeting held 8th February 2021 were AGREED.



  1. a) ES57 – hedges at Day Centre, the tree surgeon would quote to carry out work on the section which was the responsibility of the borough council so that both areas could be treated at the same time.
  2. b) Green Lane Spinney – the work at the spinney adjacent to the power line has been rescheduled for the 10th March 2021. As there is a TPO on these trees’ permission has also been given by TWBC under an emergency 5-day application.  The previous permission has expired and will have to be re-applied for before the coppicing work can be completed.
  3. c) ES54 – Putlands Field Flooding.  A site visit had been carried out with Cllr Turk in attendance.  Further information on the drainage plans for the site were awaited.


ES67              HANGING BASKETS

Members considered the quotes for the hanging baskets for 2021/22.

Contractor Quotation
1 £3869
2 £4570


Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr Sargison seconded


That contractor 1 should be appointed for 2021.


CARRIED unanimously.


ES68              GRASS CUTTING

Members considered the quotes for grass cutting for 2021/22


Contractor Quotation
1 £6630
2 £6223


Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr Boyle.

That contractor 1 should be appointed for 2021.

CARRIED unanimously.


ES69              FOAL HURST WOOD

Concerns had been raised that the development site was marketed as Foal Hurst Green with Foal Hurst Wood being used as a feature of the site.


Letters have been received from FHW volunteers expressing their concerns.


Members were unhappy at the wood being used to promote the site, particularly as the Council had objected to the development in the first place as it would be detrimental to the nature reserve.


Following a discussion, whilst accepting it was not illegal, members agreed that the council should write and stress that there was no access from the development into the wood. This should also be made clear in their marketing materials. The conditions of the planning permission should also be checked to ensure there are no breaches.

The chairman asked for a report at the next meeting on the response.



Members had previously asked for the bench on the corner of Ringden Avenue to be replaced as the existing one it old and unsightly.  Due to the proximity of the telephone boxes and that the old bench is concreted into the tarmac, contractors will need to be employed to replace the bench.  The bench is located on KCC land, and members asked for a request to be made to the County Councillor for a contribution from the members grant.

An estimate to carry out the work has been obtained and will cost £580 + the cost of the bench.


Cllr Moon proposed, Cllr Boyle seconded:

That the bench should be replaced by the town council, but a request should be made for a grant from the County Councillor.


                        CARRIED unanimously.



Members considered the request from a resident to move the rear gate to the allotments to St Andrews Close.  The rear access was along the back of the properties and suffered from fly tipping.  The main entrance into allotments in Kent Close.


Members were concerned at the practicalities, particularly as the proposed new location was off the private parking area for St Andrews Close.



Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr Moon seconded:

This proposal should not be progressed.

CARRIED unanimously.


ES72              FUGGLES CLOSE

  1. a) Persistent fly tipping – there has been persistent fly tipping at Fuggles Close. The Community Safety Unit at TWBC are dealing with this issue.
  2. b) Replacement Tree – during the H & S survey of the trees last summer a Norway Maple was identified as requiring felling. Permission needs to be obtained as there is a TPO on the trees at Fuggles Close.  As part of the planning permission the Council is required to state whether it will be replacing the tree – and with what species.


Members agreed that a replacement tree should be planted elsewhere.  Cllr Sargison agreed to look at the site and suggest alternatives.


ES73              CLOSED CHURCH YARD

Permission is being sought by Steve Songhurst to carry out a survey of the slow worms in the Closed Church Yard.


Members agreed that the survey could be carried out.


ES74              ESTATES VAN

It was reported at the last meeting the Council’s Peugeot Partner van had broken down. This van was scheduled to be replaced in 2021/22.  Due to the anticipated costs of repair the decision was made, following consultation with both the chairman of the Council and Estates Committee, to dispose of the van.  A van has been hired in the short term until the new one can be obtained.  It was hoped that the replacement van would be an electric.



The fields had been rolled and slitted.  If the weather holds then the staff will be mowing by the end of the month and football was due to restart in April.


A personnel meeting would be convened shortly to review the covid 19 risk assessments following the easing of the lockdown.


Cllr Flashman proposed, Cllr Boyle seconded:

It was proposed that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting under section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to meetings) Act 1960 due to the sensitive nature of the discussion.

CARRIED unanimously.


ES76              ROYAL BRIDGES

Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr Flashman seconded:

Members approved the proposed procedure.

CARRIED unanimously.


Members of the public were re-admitted.


ES77              DATE OF NEXT MEETING

The next meeting will be held on Monday 12th April 2021.



The meeting closed at 8.40pm


Paddock Wood Town Council