Estates Minutes – 11th September 2023

Minutes Uploaded on October 3, 2023


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Road, Paddock Wood

Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373



Monday 11th September 2023 in the Day Centre Commercial Road at 7.45 pm


PRESENT:                Cllr R Atkins, in the Chair

Cllrs H Atkins A Mackie, D Kent, T Mobbs, R Moon, D Sargison,

J Thompson


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mrs N Reay, Town Clerk, Mr C Smith, Estates Manager

Cllr C Williams

From Concrete Wave: J D O’Brien, R. Hogarth

1 resident


APOLOGY:                Cllrs R. Moon, T Mobbs


Representatives from Concrete Wave attended to discuss the redevelopment of the Paddock Wood Skate Park.  Concrete Wave is a CIC which was set up as a vehicle to engage with skateboarders and to re-build skateboard parks.  To date they had redeveloped the park in Swanley and worked with East Peckham Parish Council, although that scheme had not progressed.


Concrete Wave will:

  • Engage the community to give them ownership of the project and become invested.
  • Fundraise through a combination of public/private and community fundraising.
  • Work with the councils to deliver fast and efficient projects.
  • Run the procurement through a framework agreement to expedite the procedure.
  • Work with the contractors alongside the council and community to make the facilities state of the art.


It was anticipated that a new skatepark for Paddock Wood would cost in the region of £300,000.

The Town Council has currently set aside £30,000 in its reserves for the upgrade, and £74,500 is due as a developer contribution (S106) from the Mascalls Farm development.  Concrete Wave would fund raise the remaining sum.


Cllr Williams spoke in support of Concrete Wave, saying that they had presented to the Youth Council who were in support of the project.  This was an opportunity to improve facilities for young people in Paddock Wood.  The resident present also spoke in support of the project.  Saying how the current skate park was now dated and skaters were having to go out town to find quality skate parks. He had carried out some research and there was support for improvements from the current users.


J D O’Brien advised that they set up a working group with council representatives and users of the skate park.  Liaison would probably be via the Clerk and/or the Estates Manager.

Members thanked the representatives for attending the meeting.


                        There were no declarations of interest.



The minutes of the meeting held on the 14th August 2023 were APPROVED.



a) ES23 e) – The S106 funding had been received and placed in the Town Council’s reserve account. (See item C42)

b) ES24 – The Governance Committee has updated the Adverse Weather Plan

c) ES25 – the costs for removal of the poplar had been requested

d) ES27 – the Council had approved the expenditure for the works to the ponds and the order had been placed with the contractor.  Work is scheduled to start before the end of the month.

e) ES30 – a portion of the fence at St Andrews Play area had been knocked over by a   The details of the vehicle had been caught on CCTV and had been passed to the police.  Costs of replacing the fence were awaited.

f) ES32 – Dog Poo Fairy posters – Keep Britian Tidy have quoted £765 + Vat for 5 vinyl banners.  This is considerably more than was anticipated.  Members agreed that the town council should design its own posters and get them printed The 5 NP plan banners cost £150.

g) ES33 – the officer member protocol had been reviewed by the Governance Committee and would be passed to the Full Council for approval.


ES40              UP GRADE OF SKATE PARK

                        Members considered the earlier presentation and discussed the following issues:

  • Is the current park in the right location? If visitors increased, it could put pressure on parking.
  • Sources of funding
  • An upgrade could attract a younger audience but still stretch more experienced skaters.
  • How would this model fit in with the Council’s Financial regulations.


It was agreed that the Chairman and Vice Chairman would contact both Swanley and East Peckham Parish Councils for feedback.  The research which had already been carried out would be requested.


Members would decide how to progress at the October meeting.


ES41              PLAY AREAS

a) The inspections are due at the end of October. Members had previously asked if it would be possible to accompany the inspector whilst he carried out the inspections.

The costs of doing this have been received and are as follows:

Unaccompanied inspection – £691.25

Accompanied inspection –  £1067.50.




Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Thompson seconded:

The council should book an unaccompanied inspection.

                        CARRIED unanimously.


b) Zip Wire at St Andrews – the zip wire at St Andrews was taken out of use last November as the supporting legs are decaying.  Contractors have advised that it is uneconomic to repair.  Costs or replacement from two suppliers have been received and are as follows – £18736 for a wooden frame one & £15183 for a steel frame one.  In both cases the cost of replacement grass matting is included.  Rubber mulch surfacing will be a further £5,000.  There is no further funding available in this financial year for replacement play equipment.


Members discussed the options, and it was agreed that a wooden framed zip wire would be preferable. However, the legs would have steel collars to protect them from rot.


Cllr Kent proposed, Cllr H Atkins seconded:

The funding should be allowed for in the 2024/25 budget and the order placed to allow for an April installation.


                        CARRIED 5 in favour, 1 against


c) BENCHES FOR MEMORIAL PLAY AREA – A request had been received from a resident for further benches to be installed in the Memorial Play area. The standard style benches which the council has all its playing fields are £600.  It was agreed that a review of all benches and bins should be undertaken before any decision was

d) The roundabout at St Andrews field has been repaired. However, it has been reported that there are problems with the roundabout at Green Lane.  The Estates Manager advised that the bearings were being greased more often and it was hoped that would solve the problem.



The s106 funding has now been received and it was agreed that meetings should be set up with the current users and relevant professional organisations to discuss the way forward.

The following would also be considered:

Path around the outer edge of the field.



ES43              FOAL HURST WOOD

a) The safety inspection of the trees has been carried out and was attached for members information.  Costs for carrying out the most urgent work are being sought. (Within 3 months) Consideration will be given as to whether any of the work can be carried out by the volunteers and or estates staff.  A copy of the report had been forwarded to the volunteer group.

b) 5-year plan – attached is a copy of a draft 5-year plan which the volunteers have been following since 2020.  Members are asked to adopt the plan.  The lead volunteer, Peter Prince, had highlighted the work which has already been carried

It is also agreed that that a meeting be held with the volunteers to discuss the 5-year plan and the tree work required.  Also, longer term aims and how best to support the volunteers going forward.  The High Weald Project had indicated that that they might be willing to offer support.


Cllr R Atkins proposed, Cllr Thompson seconded:

That the 5-year plan should be adopted, and Kent HWP should be asked to help with FHW.

CARRIED unanimously


c) The Estates Manager had received a quote of £1200 for the removal of the dipping Members agreed that they could possibly do the work themselves and would liaise with the Estates Manager.


ES44              PATH TO THE REAR OF PUTLAND    

a) Cost of link path – the link path would cost £7500.

Cllr Thompson proposed, Cllr H Atkins seconded:

That this should be included in the budget for 24/25

                        CARRIED unanimously

b) Members considered the attached letter from a resident whose property adjoins Putlands Field.  It was agreed that the Committee Chairman and Estates Manager would arrange to meet with them to discuss the problems.



                        Members considered the information from the CCTV provider, and it was agreed that in view of the planned upgrade to the Skate Park this would not be progressed.



                        Long term plans for the management of the cemetery are needed.  It was agreed that a working group consisting of the Estates Manager, Cemetery Clerk, Committee                         Chairman and Cllr Kent should be formed to draw up plans to be put to the committee for consideration.


ES47              FOR INFORMATION

The Estates Manager meeting with representatives from the probation service on Thursday 7th September in the Podmore Building was postponed until the 21st September.


ES48              DATE OF NEXT MEETING

                        The next meeting will take place on Monday 9th October 2023 at 7.45 pm in the Day Centre.


The meeting closed at 10.30 pm


Paddock Wood Town Council