Walks around Paddock Wood

Walks around Paddock Wood

These walks were produced by Paddock Wood Town Council in 2000.  The drawings and copy were all produced by Brian Mace, a Paddock Wood Town Councillor at that time.

The Town Council is aware that there may have been some changes (such as the closure of the golf course). since publication.  Please let us know if amendments to the routes are needed so that they can be updated on this site for future walkers.

Walk No 1: Through Moatlands Golf Course to Gedges Hill (3.25 miles)

Walk No 2: To the High Ground of Castle Hill and Brenchley (5.25 miles)

Walk No 3:  A walk in Mascalls Country (2.5 miles)

Walk No 4:  Round Paddock Wood Town (3.25 miles)

Walk No 5: From Paddock Wood into the parish of Capel (5 miles)

Walk No 6: Along the River Medway (3.25 miles)

Walk No 7: From Paddock Wood Town Centre to Foal Hurst Wood

Paddock Wood Town Council