Update to the Commercial Road Active Travel Plan

KCC have decided to remove this temporary facility and return the road to its previous operation.

Due to the planned closure of Church Road (for utility reparation purposes) for an extended period of time, there are concerns about accessing Waitrose, the station and other areas from the north of Paddock Wood whilst the planned road works are in place. We completely understand the difficulties that may be experienced if the access restrictions on Commercial Road remain in place during this time and a decision has therefore been made to temporarily suspend the scheme on Commercial Road whilst the Church Road closure is in place.

We believe that the scheme with some potential amendments could bring many benefits to the communities of Paddock Wood and therefore we intend to develop the scheme further during this temporary suspension to the satisfaction of all involved with the aim of re implementing the scheme once the Southern Water works are complete. We will be liaising with local businesses and the town council and will also taking the feedback that was received during the current phase on board to create an enhanced scheme.

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Paddock Wood Town Council