Paddock Wood Community Centre Proposal – Public Consulation

Paddock Wood Community Centre Proposal – Public Consulation

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This PDF gave an overview of the proposed Community Centre for review and requested feedback via an online survey (or paper copy)

In September 2020 Baxall Construction were appointed by Paddock Wood Town Council for the preconstruction stage for the Paddock Wood Community Centre, on the Memorial Field Site off Maidstone Road, as a design and build contractor. This was to develop the existing proposals developed by Frankham Consultancy Group Ltd and progress the extensive work already undertaken by the Town Council over a number of years. We are currently seeking comments from the public from the 20th—27th November 2020 in advance of finalising and submitting the planning application.

Baxall Construction have developed the design with the following consultants to present proposals shown for your feedback:
• Miller Bourne Architects
• Lizard Landscape Design and Ecology
• Evans and Langford
• Kench Consultants
• DHA Planning and Transport
• Anderson Acoustics
• Harwood Building Control Approved Inspectors

The proposed Community Centre has an easily recognisable and distinctive form, achieved with the aid of a butterfly roof arrangement. The building footprint has been rationalised to ensure that all circulation spaces are as efficient as possible, which will in turn reduce the impact on the field.

The nursery is located to the north of the building and is fully compliant with the Department for Education requirements and has a dedicated play area located immediately adjacent. This avoids the previous safeguarding issue of public footpaths separating the internal and external spaces.

The Community Centre forms the central and southern parts of the building, with core services located along the central spine with the main hall to the south. A glazed café area is positioned by the main entrance to the east, creating an interesting visual link between people approaching the centre and building users within.

The south facade has a careful balance of glazing and solid structure to maximise the light and views across the Memorial Field whilst avoiding solar gain, which assists in making the building more efficient and sustainable. The butterfly roof profile allows for natural cross ventilation of the full height spaces, eliminating the need for air conditioning, and also provides large areas suitable for south-facing PV panels, hidden from view due to the roof design.

The Community Centre and its car park have been developed to consider the wider site context and minimises the impact on the existing playing fields allowing it to continue to be used as it has with a variety of sports and general use with new facilities linked to this with additional parking, toilets and the meeting room/ halls. We have provided pitch layouts to show those that can currently be accommodated on site and those which could be accommodated with the proposed Community Centre.

The design has been developed to retain all existing trees and would be protected in accordance with recommended best practice and any new tree planting would benefit on-site biodiversity gain’.

We have also provided key information on site selection and why this site has been selected as the proposed location for the Community Centre to aid understanding on Paddock Wood Town Council’s proposals for this site.

Paddock Wood Town Council