Paddock Wood Community Centre finally gets the go ahead

At a Town Council meeting convened on Monday 29th November specifically to discuss the Community Centre project the architects gave an extremely exciting presentation of the final design for our Community Centre.  The plans include many eco friendly features such as electric car charging points, solar panels, an air source heat pump and an advanced ventilation system which will avoid the use of air conditioning, reducing significantly the impact on the environment.

This was the fruition of many years hard work and discussions. To see, at the presentation, the final diagrams of the layout of the centre including colour schemes and carpeting designs was inspirational and made it all seem real for the first time.  The children who get to attend the nursery school will be so lucky.  Fancy having toilet doors with pictures of ladybirds on them!

You can see the presentation for yourself on the Paddock Wood Town Council website.

Presentation to Town Council 29th November 2021

Following the presentation the Council discussed the finances involved and voted in favour of signing a contract for local firm Baxall to carry out the construction work.

Not only is the Council going to build a state of the art community centre but it has also worked extremely hard to obtain substantial grants which will enable two brand new tennis courts to be built as well as the installation of a new cricket wicket suitable for hard ball cricket.  The icing on the cake will be the renovation of the cricket pavilion.

All this is included in the current Community Centre budget with grants helping us to do far more than originally anticipated.

Building work will commence in the Spring 2022 with a view to completion at the end of the year.

I should like to thank everybody who is working so hard on this project, which will enable a dream to become reality.

Meryl Flashman

Chairman of Paddock Wood Town Council

Paddock Wood Town Council