Next steps for the Steering Group and the appointed Consultant
Updated November 2019

  • A draft pre-submission document was produced in December 2017.
    The Steering group has continued to work on sections of this document and a revised/new presubmission document will need to be produced in light of work done by the Steering Group and knowledge of the draft local plan. The original document was drawn up based on advice from TWBC that there would be no development north of the railway bridge which is clearly no longer the case.

Prepare regulation 14 draft plan
Neighbourhood planning regulations (Regulation 14) require the draft neighbourhood plan proposal to be the subject of a pre-submission consultation before it is submitted to TWBC for independent examination. The consultation should extend over at least 6 weeks. Prior to this PWTC will need to approve the consultation draft of the plan and agree that the Regulation 14 consultation should take place.

  •  Six week formal consultation to include at least one drop-in event.
    The Regulation 14 consultation allows anyone to comment on any aspect of the plan and for modifications to be made, if necessary.
    Following this the next steps are:
  •  Prepare Regulation 16 draft plan to include supporting reports and submit it to TWBC
  • Further six week formal consultation (Regulation 16 consultation) which TWBC are responsible for organising and publicising. (Another drop in event may be necessary). This consultation will consider whether the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.
  • Prepare Plan for independent examination
    Any comments received during the Regulations 16 consultation will be passed to the independent examiner for consideration – this consultation is different to the Regulation 14 consultation. Comments will only be considered within the remit of the independent examination Ie the examiner will be considering whether the plan:
  • has regard to national policy;
  • contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  • generally conforms with the adopted strategic local policies for the local area;
  • is compatible with EU obligations;
  • meets human rights requirements.
  • Neighbourhood plan referendum , (with modifications if necessary) if the plan was successful at the examination stage