Terms of Reference for PPP Committee

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on June 24, 2020


Terms of reference for Policies, Procedures and Protocol Committee

To consider all aspect of the Town Council’s administrative and staffing policies and procedures.

Committee membership

Committee membership is approved at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council which is held on the third Monday of May.

The committee may, if it wish co-opt non-councillors to sit on the committee.


The Committee Chairman & Vice Chairman are elected at the first committee meeting after the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.


Frequency of meetings and quorum

Four times a year.

The quorum of the committee is 50% + 1.


The following procedures, policies and protocols are to be held by the Council and reviewed annually.  Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, all employment policies, Health and Safety Policy and Terms of Reference are to be ratified by Full Council at its annual meeting in May.  All other policies to be amended and approved by the Policies, Procedures and Protocol Committee as necessary.

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Press and Media Policy

Data Protection Act

Freedom of Information Act

Complaints Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Policy on the use of Council Premises

Records management Policy

Grants Policy

Website/email Policy

Protocol on member/officer relationship

Protocol on public attendance at meetings

Cemetery Rules

Grievance Procedure

Sickness and Absence Policy

Disciplinary Procedure

Equal Opportunities Procedure

Bullying and Harassment Policy


Any other policies, procedures or protocols as required by the council or legislation.