Terms of Reference for Governance Committee

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on April 30, 2023


Terms of reference for GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE


It is proposed that the following list of documents plus amendments should be approved by the Full Council.ย  Minor amendments such as references to legislative changes may be approved by the Governance Committee

Standing Orders*

Financial Regulations*

Press and Media Policy*

Data Protection Act*

Freedom of Information Act*

Complaints Procedure*

Records management Policy

Grants Policy

Protocol on member/officer relationship

Protocol on public attendance at meetings

Protocol For Borough & County questions

Protocol on the recording & filming of Council Meetings

Terms of Reference*


* required to be approved by full council by Standing Orders


The following documents may be updated by the Governance Committee which should advise the Full Council of any minor changes. Substantial changes to the documents should be approved by Full Council.

Flag Policy

Community engagement Policy

Email Policy

Lone Worker Policy

Personal Use of Computers

Social Media

Training and Development

Website policy


Committee membership

Committee membership is approved at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council which is held on the third Monday of May.

The committee may, if it wish co-opt non-councillors to sit on the committee.


The Committee Chairman & Vice Chairman are elected at the first committee meeting after the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.ย  The Committee Chairman will consider all Freedom Of Information Appeals.

Frequency of meetings and quorum

Four times a year.

The quorum of the committee is 50%.

Reviewed April 2023

Paddock Wood Town Council