Terms of Reference for Personnel Committee

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on April 30, 2023


Terms of Reference for the Personnel Committee


The Personnel Committee considers all aspects of personnel including appointments, grading and conditions of service.


Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the Council’s staffing structure
  2. To consider the deployment, welfare, superannuation, remuneration, recruitment, training, qualifications, health and safety aspects and other conditions of service of all employees.  Staff salaries to be approved by the Full Council.
  3. To consider the provision of office accommodation.
  4. To Approve all employment documents*


Committee membership

Committee membership is approved at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council which is held on the third Monday of May.

The committee may, if it wishes co-opt non-councillors to sit on the committee.



The Committee Chairman & Vice Chairman are elected at the first committee meeting after the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.


Frequency of meetings and quorum

Minimum of twice a year, in June & December. At other times as required.

The quorum of the committee is 50%


* The Town Council has retained the services of Croner to advise on all HR matters.  Croner will provide all employment documents which should not be amended without their approval.


Executive Action

  1. To determine those discretionary provisions contained in the Scheme of Service of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services.
  2. To determine and approve the establishment and grading of employees for the administration of the Council and such establishments or Council facilities not delegated to the Town Clerk.
  3. To approve job descriptions for senior staff.
  4. To deal with recruitment of Council staff as necessary if the establishment is exceeded.
  5. To determine the training and qualification policy of the Council.
  6. To hear and determine matters of discipline and efficiency.
  7. To negotiate and consult with representatives of the employees.
  8. To ensure that an annual appraisal for all staff takes place.


These terms of reference were agreed by the Town Council at its meeting on 8th May 2001, and were last reviewed on April 2023


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