Terms of Reference for 5 Year Plan Group

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on June 24, 2020


Terms of Reference for the Five Year Plan Review Group

The Five Year Plan Review Group is responsible for considering all aspects of the Town Council’s five year plan.

Group membership  

Chairman of the Paddock Wood Town Council

Chairman of the Estates Committee

Chairman of the Planning & Environment Committee

Chairman of the Personnel Committee

Chairman of the P.P.P. committee


In the event of any of the above Chairmen being unable to attend, the Vice Chairman of the Committee in question will attend in their place.


In the event a member is chairman of two committees then the vice chairman will attend as well.


Group Chairman

Meetings will be chaired by the Chairman of the Town Council

Frequency of meetings and quorum

The Group will meet four times a year

The quorum of the Group is 50% + 1

Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Group is to

  1. Review the progress of the Council against the current and five year plan and in this context to discuss the business to be transacted in each of the Council committees for the next quarter.


  1. Update the five year plan to reflect decisions/future plans of the Council ensuring that a new five year plan is in place prior to the next annual town meeting.


Rating of each item on the one year plan to be recorded at each meeting as follows:

White = Not yet begun

Red = action deferred or delayed

Amber = action commenced but not completed

Green = action completed



Executive Action

To report back to full Council on the progress achieved in the previous quarter against the current and five year plan. A copy of the plan will be published online.


It is not anticipated that the review group will require any funding.




The Review Group has the right to identify issues that will be dealt with either at Committee or Full Council meetings.

This is a Review Group and not a committee of the council.


Reviewed 26th April 2021