Risk Assessments

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on April 30, 2023




Area Risk Level Control (and agreed improvements)


Assets Protection of physical assets L Buildings insured. Value increased annually by RPI.
Security of buildings, equipment etc L Alarms on all buildings.  Serviced annually.  Estates and Office Equipment marked with SMART WATER or infrared markers.  Warning stickers attached
Maintenance of buildings etc L Buildings currently maintained on an ad hoc basis.  PAT testing carried out annually.  Fixed appliance testing carried out every 5 years.  Fire Extinguishers serviced annually. A planned maintenance programme is being developed by the Estates Committee
Community Centre Project See separate risk register
Finance Banking L Current account – Unity Trust

Reserve funds spread to alternative banks

Business interruption


L Insurance cover. Sum insured £20,000 for all premises (to cover relocating office). Loss of revenue £59,000. Computers backed-up to cloud-based system


See separate Finance Risk  assessment
Health and Safety Risk to staff, volunteers & public m The Town Council has approved the engagement of Croner to oversee the Town Council’s Health & safety
Liability Risk to third party, property or individuals


M Insurance in place. £10 m public liability Open spaces checked regularly.  All damage investigated when reported/discovered outside of routine inspections Professional contractors used when required
Legal liability as consequence of asset ownership (especially burial ground, playgrounds and skateboard park)


M Insurance in place. Twice Weekly checks of playgrounds and skate park. Written records kept. Fields walked by staff weekly, ponds checked twice weekly. Annual checks by independent auditor of playgrounds and skateboard park.  Annual safety check of memorial stones carried out by Estates Manager.  Professional stone mason contacted if any stones are cause for alarm.  2-year safety check on trees by qualified arboriculturalist.






Comply with Employment Law





Membership of SLCC & NALC.  Clerk & Deputy Clerk attend training courses.  Croner have been engaged as HR consultants to the Council.


Comply with HMRC



L Regular advice from HMRC and Sage. Internal and external auditors carry out annual checks.



Safety of Staff and visitors




Access phone / camera fitted to restrict access to Podmore building.  Risk assessments in place for regular routine work.  To be reviewed by Croner


Legal Liability Ensuring activities are within legal powers


L Clerk clarifies legal position on any new proposal.  Legal advice to be sought where necessary.


Proper and timely reporting via the Minutes


L Council meets once a month and receives and approves Minutes. Minutes made available to press and public at the Council Office and via the web site.


Proper document control L Leases and legal documents held by the council’s solicitors Warners, copies of documents in Clerk’s office. Other data storage to comply with General Data Protection Regulations Retention of Documents and Data Protection Policy in place.





Registers of Interests and gifts and hospitality in place


L Register of interest forms completed, by all councillors and sent to TWBC.  Members asked to review form annually.


Council Vehicles Ensuring vehicles used in safe legal manner. L All vehicles fully comprehensively insured for all purposes, and for all staff and councillors.  Estates Manager assesses driving standards for vans, mowers and tractors when a new member of staff joins the council.  Driving licences checked when a new member of staff joins the council.  Tax and MOT up to date.  Vans serviced when required.

Driving licences checked annually





IT Security

Loss of data, abuse of systems L Council has computer usage policy which is signed by members of staff with access to the computers.  Email usage policy also in place.

Data backed to Cloud based Storage


Data Protection Failure to comply with GDPR which came into force 25th May 2018 L Council has appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance.
Traveller Incursion Incursion of travellers on council land H Council contributes to TWBC fund which accesses support from the Community Safety Unit in the event of an incursion. Notices served on travellers by clerks/councillors as early as possible to speed up the removal process.  Additional security measures are being explored




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