Planning Minutes – 7th June 2021

Minutes Uploaded on June 15, 2021


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373

MINUTES of the Planning and Environment Committee meeting held on Monday 7th June 2021 at 7.45 pm



PRESENT:                    Cllr C Williams, in the chair

Cllrs R Moon, , D Sargison,  Cllr M Ridger, Cllr D Kent,


3 residents , Borough Cllrs Hill, Atkins and Hamilton and Town Cllr H.Atkins.


IN ATTENDANCE:         Mrs C Reilly Deputy Clerk


APOLOGIES     None   






To APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 4th May ,2021.

                        These were approved and signed by the Chairman



Application Address and proposal Comments
a) 21/01080/FULL 24 Siskin Gardens Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6XP. Partial demolition of the existing 6ft brick wall adjacent to the boundary and erection of a new 6ft fence on the boundary fronting a highway Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr D Sargison seconded that the Council object to the application on the grounds that the visibility splays from the junction will be compromised and the removal of the trees that are  part of the open space landscaping. Unanimous
b) 21/01409/FULL 25 Ashcroft Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6LQ. Erection of a single storey detached outbuilding Cllr D Sargison proposed and Cllr R Moon seconded that the Council have no objection subject to this annexe not being used for residential purposes and that provision is made for the increased surface water run off from the roof area. Unanimous.
C)21/00969/FULL 3 Cobbs Close Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6UW. Conversion of integrated garage to utility room. Works include: remove concrete floor for damp proof flooring, removal of garage door for window and door, replace flat roof with tiled pitched roof with guttering, install down drain pipe and ventilation extraction system, plaster board lining of room Cllr M Ridger proposed and Cllr D Kent seconded that the Council object to the application on the grounds of loss of parking. 4 in favour 1 abstention, carried.
d) 21/00684/FULL 1 John Brunt Court Old Kent Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge TN12 6ET. Extend garden by using 1 of the 2 parking spaces immediately behind the garden; Change of use of land to the rear of the property for the provision of parking Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that the Council have no objection subject to none of the hedges to be removed are touched until the end of the bird nesting season. 4 in favour 1 against. Carried.
 e) 21/01705/FULL 5 Buttercup Close Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6BG. Extend existing dropped kerb Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that the Council have no objection to the application. Unanimous.





Application TWBC    decision
20/01783/FULL Permitted
20/03333/FULL Permitted
20/03822/TPO Refused
21/00589/FULL Permitted
18/03412/SUB Permitted
21/00527/LBC Permitted
21/00564/FULL Permitted
21/00913/FULL Permitted
21/00746/FULL Permitted


These were noted,

It was requested that the Deputy Clerk resume putting details of decisions on the agenda now that the noticeboards are less busy with election notices.



PE5  Southern Water Proposal

In order to accommodate the foul water flows from Mascalls Farm Southern Water have proposed either to locate an additional pumping station under the Foalhurst Wood car park or to make an upgrade to the existing sewer network in Ringden Avenue. Members to consider these proposals in light of the options appraisal of these and other alternatives received from Southern Water.


Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded, that standing orders be suspended in order for Mr Trent to summarise the situation and outline a possible alternative. Members voted unanimously to approve. Mr Trent did this. Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that the Chairman reinstate standing orders. Members voted unanimously to approve.


Members expressed their dissatisfaction with the two proposals from Southern Water to accommodate the flows from the Mascalls Farm/Berkeley site. It was felt that the location of a pumping station in the FHW car park was impractical as it would require 24 hours access and also the loss of parking for FHW and the allotments was unacceptable. The proposal to locate a box culvert under Ringden Avenue was unsatisfactory for the following reasons.:

Noise, vibration and disruption during construction including a long period of road closure.

Lack of clarity about how long sewage in the offline storage would sit in box culvert

Only to address demand from one site, no improvement for existing problems and no capacity for future development

Fence, hardstanding and control cabinet would be visible above ground level.

Neither proposal addressed the capacity issue of the network and with the additional flows from the development could be expected to increase the number and volume of sewer surcharging and overloads experienced by residents.


Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr R Moon seconded the committee recommend to full Council that neither of the two proposals from Southern Water is acceptable but suggest in order to be proactive that the following alternative be taken forward for the reasons outlined:


  1. Install the equivalent cubic metreage of foul storage proposed for the Ringden Avenue location in the culvert or foul water underground tank UNDERNEATH the buffer zone within the Berkeley development which has not yet been established .The following reasons apply:
  2. No reduction of residential amenity value of the same area
  3. No loss of open space
  4. No loss or reduction in biodiversity value
  5. With the ‘storage’ in place, nothing could ever be built there in future years, thus maintaining the buffer zone to Foal Hurst Wood Local Nature Reserve which would be more or less totally robust


  1. In engineering terms this would have the effect of holding Berkeley’s foul flows inside Berkeley’s site rather than digging up a vital local road to accomodate the same thing. (Example :In south west London, Thames Water have buried reservoirs for fresh water in the same fashion and covered them in selected soil and planted them, even to the extent that there are football and cricket pitches over them.)


  1. Then the flow would still go down the same leg of the existing network through and below Ringden Avenue to the Church Farm WPS. PWTC’s concerns regarding the capacity of this to accommodate ANY additional flows still remain.


  1. Discharge point from Berkeley site would remain the same.


  1. This would enable the routing of the discharge from the Mascalls Corner Berkeley pumping station through the underground storage under the buffer zone to the current connection point under Badsell Road to the Goldings.


  1. With this only a couple of non-descript manholes at or just below ground level in the buffer zone would be required for access.


  1. Berkeley site offices and car park are on a part of the site that is yet to be developed. Therefore this appears the ideal time to get this work done.


  1. It will be possible to back connect any part of the new Berkeley site sewer network planned for the site offices and car park area into such underground storage so that the grades, falls and levels work properly – 1:60, 1:80, etc.


  1. There would then be NO NEED FOR ANY ADDITIONAL PUMPING STATION, with carbon savings, no mechanical or electrical plant requirements and minimal maintenance costs going forward.


  1. All other site surface water drainage and services remain unaffected.


4 in favour 1 against, carried.


Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that the Chairman suspend standing orders in order to ask the Borough Councillors in attendance at the meeting for their view on this proposal. Members voted unanimously to approve.


BCllr B. Hill supported the proposal, BCllr S. Hamilton preferred not to comment at this time and BCllr R.Atkins felt he would support the proposal if it was supported by PWTC (full council).


Cllr C Williams proposed and Cllr M Ridger seconded that the Chairman reinstate standing orders. Members voted unanimously to approve.


PE6                  CHAIRMANS REPORT


  1. Survey for HIP- launched on 1st of June to end 1st of July.
  2. Reg 19 Consultation.

Members had received copies of the submission sent in on behalf of PWTC by Troy Consulting and felt that they had done an excellent job within the limitations of the time provided especially in light of the vast number of documents in the evidence base.




The next meeting will take place at 7.15 pm on Monday 21st June at the Day Centre, Commercial Road.






Paddock Wood Town Council