Planning & Environment Agenda – 1st August 2022

Agendas Uploaded on July 27, 2022



The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373

NOTICE OF A MEETING OF the Planning and Environment Committee to be held on Monday 1st August,  2022 at 7.45 pm at the Day Centre Commercial Road   








To APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd May 2022



Application details can be found at the numerical part of the application number eg: 20/12345 into the search box and the application will come up

Application Address Proposal


a)22/02005/FULL Land And Open Space Goldings Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6EQ Proposed development comprising 14 residential units (Use Class C3), new access/egress from Badsell Road, car parking, cycle parking, landscaping and associated works
b)22/02074/LBC Hawthorns Pearsons Green Road Brenchley Tonbridge Kent TN12 7DH Listed Building Consent – Replacement of seven existing double glazed windows with new single glazed windows and new frames. Replacement of an existing stable door type door and frame to the rear of the property
c) 22/01662/FULL 23 Maidstone Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6DE Creation of dropped kerb and driveway




Application Address and details of proposals TWBC    decision Town Council Comments
a)22/01338/FULL Erection of 4 bedroom detached house | Land To West Of 21 Eastwell Close Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6UH permitted Object to the application on the following grounds

Parts of the site are in flood zones 2 and 3 and the entire site is adjacent to the common watercourse Gravelley Ways that frequently over tops. Local residents already undertake culvert and stream clearance of this watercourse on a regular basis in addition to that carried out by the UMIDB in order to prevent flooding of properties (gardens and garages are frequently flooded) Building on the space will eliminated the spaces role in reducing surface water run off, as will removal of any of the trees. In the event dead trees are removed they should be replaced with similar species to maintain the absorption of surface water. The location of the proposed new dwelling on a bend is hazardous to vehicle and pedestrian safety. The Council suggests that the original developer left this area open in light of the flooding issues at this location. UMIDB should be consulted on this application as they require access to the watercourse and their bylaws require a specific distance between any development and the edge of their drainage assets

b)22/01180/FULL Extension of existing driveway and widening of driveway opening, including new bin store, drop kerb and relocation of existing lamp post. | 3 Blackberry Way Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6BP Permitted No objection subject to the driveway surface being permeable and not tarmac as described in the application. Changes in legislation permit hard surfacing of more than 5 square metres of domestic front gardens only where the surface in question is rendered permeable
c)22/00445/FULL Variation of Condition 6 of 16/500798/FULL – Changes to opening hours to 07:00am – 20:00pm Monday to Friday; 07:00am – 19:00pm on Saturdays; and not at any time on Sundays and Bank Holidays. | British Car Auctions Eldon Way Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6BE


Permitted Extensive objection
d)21/00665/FULL Redevelopment of land for a mixed-use development incorporating 14no. residential apartments (Use Class C3), office use (Use Class E), and flexible uses including office/community use (Use Classes E/F1.2/F.2) with associated access and parking. | Land Rear Of 7 – 9 Station Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent Permitted Extensive objection
e)22/00999/FULL Replacement of roof, doors and windows of existing conservatory at rear of the property | 57 Allington Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6AP Permitted No objection
f)22/00928/FULL Single storey rear extension to replace conservatory | 33 Clover Way Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6BQ Permitted No objection subject to adequate provision being made for additional surface water
g)22/01339/FULL Removal of existing mono-pitch roof, addition of second storey extension with dual pitch roof | 39 Newton Gardens Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent TN12 6AJ Permitted No objection
h)22/01059/FULL Erection of six new dwellings in a terrace of three units with associated car parking spaces | 32 Old Kent Road Paddock Wood Tonbridge TN12 6JD Permitted Object to the application on the grounds that: The development of the site is over intensive. The high roofline will deprive adjacent properties of light and result in over looking. The operation of the adjacent assisted living facility will be compromised with loss of parking and no access for emergency vehicles




Draft Local Plan Hearings – to receive an update from the chairman




The next meeting will take place at 7.00 pm on Monday 15th of August at in the Day Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood.



Claire Reilly

Deputy Clerk to the Council

26th July 2022

Paddock Wood Town Council