Full Council Minutes – 15th August 2022

Minutes Uploaded on September 21, 2022


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Field, St Andrews Road

Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF PADDOCK WOOD TOWN COUNCIL HELD ON Monday 15 August 2022 at 7.45 pm in The Day Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood


PRESENT:                Cllr M Flashman, in the Chair

Cllrs H Atkins, R. Atkins, (TWBC) T. Bisdee, D Boyle, D. Kent, A. Mackie, R. Moon, (TWBC) M Ridger, C. Williams,

IN ATTENDANCE:   Mrs N Reay, Town Clerk

Borough Cllrs M Bailey, S. Wakeman


APOLOGIES:            Cllrs S. Hamilton (KCC), D Sargison, R Turk


There were no residents present.



The County Councillor had advised the Chairman that she had not received any questions and had nothing to report to the Council.


BC Bailey thanked the Town Council for arranging the Town Meeting.  He went on to explain that there were two new EV chargers in the Eastern car park, and they were taking up 3 spaces. One of the Chargers was dedicated to Electric Taxis.  There are currently no electric powered taxis in the Tunbridge Wells Borough. The Borough Council was proposing to install a further two chargers, another for taxis, in the New Year.  These will take up a further 3 spaces.  It was his suggestion that these additional chargers should be deferred until the demand had been assessed.


BC Moon concurred with the comments.

Borough Cllr Wakeman reported that planning enforcement report for the Borough Council had been deferred but had not been forgotten.

BC Atkins reported that the Love Where You Live Awards scheme was now open and there were two new awards this year Green Household & Good Neighbour Award. 


There were no declarations of interest.



            Copies of draft minutes can be found on the Town Council website.

(a)       The minutes from the meeting held on 18 July 2022 were APPROVED

(b)       The minutes from the Planning & Environment Committee meeting held on 18 July 2022 & 1st August were NOTED

(c)        The minutes from the Estates Committee held on 25 July 2022 were NOTED.



            The clerk advised that TWBC had asked to hold its Cabinet meeting in Paddock Wood on the 22nd September 2022.  However, there were difficulties in obtaining a suitable venue.  The Church Hall was full and as the schools were closed it was not possible to make enquiries regarding facilities available.


C49     Policies and Procedures

            The items a & b were deferred as the Governance Terms of Reference needed reviewing to allow the Committee to write the new policies.

(a)       Climate Change and Emergency Working Group:

(b)       Metal Detecting Policy:

(c)        Day Centre Terms and Conditions

Cllr Kent proposed, Cllr Atkins seconded:

That the revised Terms and Conditions should be APPROVED.

CARRIED unanimously



            A draft copy of the minutes was given to members.  Members were advised that the resolutions passed at the meeting would be forwarded to TWBC.

Members then considered the Council’s response to the formal consultation document.

Cllr Boyle advised that he was in communication with the Leader of the Council and had asked what the £76,000 referred to in the Consultation covered.  He had also asked for an open discussion on the whether the Town Council could consider taking the car parks and the Wesley Centre on a long lease from the Borough Council.  This had been discussed in the past but discussions had stalled some time ago.

He would report back to members when he had further information.

The Chairman suspended Standing Orders to allow BC Bailey to speak –

BC Bailey advised that a further £35 k was being spent on additional cabinet member’s cost. The Borough council also spends a significant amount on consultants.

In the first instance it was important to prevent the charges from being introduced.

BC Atkins pointed out that the Borough Council had carried out a budget review in November.

SO were re-instated.

Members considered the council’s formal response to the Consultation and members agreed the following:

The council did not support the proposed increase to the charges in the Car parks.  The council would like to see improved enforcement which would increase income.  The council would also like to know what non statutory services were provided by TWBC before commenting on what could be cut.

Members did not support a £10 increase in the Council tax.

The Clerk was asked to include a precis from the minutes of the Town Meeting



            There will be briefings on the proposed LGBCE Electoral Review – Warding Consultation on the 12th and 18th August via Zoom.  Details have previously been sent to members.  Closing date for comment is 10th October 2022. Members would meet via Zoom on the 8th September at 7 pm to discuss the Council’s response to the Consultation.  This would then be approved at the      Council meeting due to be held on the 19th September.



            The final version was submitted to TWBC for examination on the 19th July 2022.  The Chairman was subsequently advised that the documents had been corrupted, and the plan was re-submitted on the 1st August.  The   Chairman advised that the examination was expected to commence in mid-September.


C52     FINANCE     

  • The receipt voucher nos: 124 – 127 were NOTED.
  • Cllr Flashman proposed, Cllr Boyle seconded

To APPROVE the payment voucher nos: 359 – 428.

CARRIED unanimously

  •      Funding Application:  Members considered request for funding from Baby Umbrella who are seeking a grant of £500

Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr R Atkins seconded:

That the Council supports the work of Baby Umbrella and makes a grant of  £500.

Cllr H Atkins proposed the following amendment which was seconded by Cllr Williams:

The funds should be restricted for use for Paddock Wood Residents

Members voted on the amendment which was CARRIED  6  in favour, 3 against, 1 abstention.


Members then voted on the original motion which was CARRIED unanimously

Baby Umbrella would be advised that the funds can only be used as per the above amendment.


  • E-van – members discussed the following recommendation from the Estates

That the Council lease a Citroen E van £512.12 per month for 4 years.  With a final payment of £11,394 to purchase the van.  This final payment was optional and the council if it so wished could return the van at the end of the 4-year period.


Members considered the recommendation and discussed the council’s wish to have an electric van.  The model proposed was the one the estates manager considered to be the most appropriate in terms of size.  The van was unlikely   to be available until the new year and the Clerk advised that any shortfall in the current budget could be taken from the Council’s equipment fund.

Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr Moon seconded:

That the Town Council accepts the recommendation from the Estates Committee.

CARRIED 7 in favour, (Cllrs Ridger, Mackie, Boyle, Moon, Williams, Bisdee Flashman) 3 against (Cllrs H Atkins, R Atkins, D Kent)                                                                                                                                           

  • Cemetery Security – to consider the recommendation from the EstatesCommittee

That the Council accepts the quote for £6,685 to dig a ditch along the boundary of the Cemetery to try to prevent further incursions.  This figure has not been allowed for in the 2022/23 budget.

       Cllr Boyle proposed, Cllr Kent seconded:

That subject to the Estates Committee identifying funding from existing budgets the quote should be accepted.


      CARRIED unanimously.


The Estates Budget would be discussed at its next meeting



            There were no current updates



  1. The Council has been advised that a new KCC community warden, Fiona Brophy will be starting work shortly in Paddock Wood.
  2. Paddock Wood has a new PCSO, Josh Vincent. PCSO Vincent was previously based in Kings Hill.

The clerk has met with both the new PCSO and Community Warden and offered any assistance they may require.


The Clerk was asked if the information could be included on the Council website along with any other community information which may be useful for residents seeking emergency help.


  1. Hosepipe ban – members are advised that the Estates Team will be using grey water from the tank under the workshops to water the town centre hanging baskets. It is estimated that there is sufficient water for approximately 4 – 5 weeks.  Watering of the brick planters will be reduced, and the local shops asked if they can put any grey water they have onto the planters to help prolong their flowering.



(a)       Chairman’s meeting – No meeting

(b)       Paddock Wood Business Association – discussion had mainly centred around the car parking charges.

(c)       Bereko Committee – the quiz will take place on 24th September

(d)       KALC – no report

(e)       Medway Valley Line – cycle rails are being installed at stations along the line, although none are scheduled for Paddock Wood

(f)        Hop Pickers Line – the group had met that morning to discuss the enhancements along the Black Path.

(g)       Youth Council – the group would be handing out leaflets on the weekend of 20th August 2022, to promote the Youth Council.  There are currently 6    members, but they were looking to increase numbers.

(h)       Putlands Leisure Centre – the centre had been closed for 3 weeks for refurbishment.

(i)         Royal British Legion – there were concerns about the logistics of poppy collectors this year.  They had also discussed the plans for Remembrance Sunday parade.



  1. The Clerk updated members as follows:
  • Still awaiting an installation date from UKPN for the power
  • Work is slightly behind schedule and the contractors requested an extension until 7th November 2022 – original date was 14th October 2022
  • Phase 1 of the walls in now completed and so is the flat roof and the nursery roof
  • Phase 2 of the walls has started
  • Work has commenced on the pavilion –
  • The screed is currently being laid on the floors
  • Cricket Square – a ball strike assessment is being carried out and this will finalize the position of the new square
  • The travel plan has been submitted to TWBC
  • Awaiting final discharge of the planning conditions for lighting, noise management EV charging and the substation details
  • £361, 435 sec 106 funding has report has been submitted to the Cabinet member for Rural Communities for approval. Subject to approval the funding will be released to the Town Council
  • A trip to see the work in progress has been arranged for Thursday 25th July at 10 am. If any members wish attend, please let me know.
  • All the relevant paperwork has been submitted to the Town Council’s legal advisors to enable the CLG to be set up.
  • The working group will be visiting Southborough Hub on the 31st August to get ideas on the fit out for the centre.


Cllr Flashman, proposed Cllr Boyle seconded:

Under section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 the following item is exempt from the press and public due to legal privilege & commercial confidentiality.


CARRIED unanimously


  1. b) The clerk updated members on the current financial position.


C57     DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  To confirm as Monday 19 September 2022, at 7.45 pm in The Day Centre, Commercial Road




Paddock Wood Town Council