Finance Minutes – 10th October 2022

Minutes Uploaded on October 12, 2022


The Podmore Building, St Andrew’s Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373


MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE HELD on Monday 10th October 2022 at the Day Centre, Commercial Road, at 6.30 p.m.



PRESENT:                Cllr M Flashman, in the Chair

Cllr H Atkins, R. Moon


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mrs N Reay, Town Clerk

Mrs T Maxwell, RFO


APOLOGIES:            Cllrs R Atkins, R. Turk, C. Williams



                        There were no declarations of interest.



The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June 2022 were APPROVED.



a) F5 – the RFO is continuing to review the electricity bills for the council

Electric Van – as reported at Full Council there are difficulties obtaining an electric van.  Efforts are still be made to obtain one.

b) F8 – the cash which had been found on Town Council property had donated to the Food Bank at the request of the person who found it.


F13                 ANNUAL AUDIT

                        The Council’s Annual Governance Audit Review has been returned with no comments from the Auditor’s PKF Littlejohn.

The required notices were placed on the notice boards and website.

The RFO was congratulated.


F14                 BUDGET 2022/23

                        Members noted the 6 monthly budget figures.  The RFO advised the following:

  • Costs for utilities and supplies were increasing, in some cases by 10%
  • All electricity supplies were now on Smart meter except for St Andrews Hall. This site had been placed on the waiting list and the existing meter was being read monthly
  • The work identified by the Legionella inspection had been carried out on all sites except the Elm Tree Pavilion.
  • She was challenging the business rates for the Green Lane Pavilion going forward.
  • There had been vandalism in some of the play areas which had resulted in high repair costs
  • Although some costs centres had overspent, overall, the expenditure was within budget.


F15                 BANK RECONCILIATION

                        Members noted the bank reconciliation


F16                 RESERVES 

                        Members noted the reserve balance


F17                 BANK SIGNATORIES

                        Cllrs Mackie and H Atkins have been added to the bank signatory mandate. There are a total of 7 bank councillors who are signatories:

Cllrs H Atkins, M Flashman, S Hamilton, A Mackie, R. Moon. R Turk, C Williams.

It was discussed that sometimes authorisations were not happening in a timely fashion.  The RFO also advised that from an auditing point of view the authorisations should be carried out by different councillors on a regular basis.

It was agreed that a timetable should be drawn up with different councillors being asked to carry out the authorisations each month.  2  ut of 4 in one month and 2 out of three in the following month.  This will mean councillor will only be asked to authorise payments every 2 months.  Substitutes will also be available.


F18                 DATE OF NEXT MEETING

                        The next meeting will be held on Monday 28th November 2022




Clerk to the Council

4th October 2022

Paddock Wood Town Council