Estates Minutes – 12th June 2023

Minutes Uploaded on July 4, 2023


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Road, Paddock Wood

Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373


MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE ESTATES COMMITTEE held on Monday 12th June 2023 in the Day Centre Commercial Road at 9 PM



PRESENT:                Cllr R Atkins, in the Chair after ES2

Cllrs H Atkins, A Mackie, D Kent, T Mobbs, R Moon, D Sargison, J Thompson



In the absence of the previous chairman and vice chairman it was agreed: That Cllr H Atkins takes the chair for Items ES1 & 2 a. CARRIED unanimously.



                        There were no Declarations of interest.



  1. a) Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Thompson seconded:

That Cllr R Atkins be elected as Committee Chairman for the year 2023/24.

As there were no other nominations Cllr R Atkins was elected unopposed.

  1. b) Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Mobbs seconded:

That Cllr Thompson be elected Vice Chairman for the year 2023/24

There were no other nominations therefore Cllr Thompson was elected  unopposed.



The minutes of the meeting held on the 10th April 2023 were APPROVED.



a) ES71c) Alternative quotes had been received.  Orders had been placed for the urgent works. Members considered the attached information from the Clerk regarding repairs to the playground equipment at St Andrews Field.  Cllr Kent advised that the costs for replacing the bearings on the roundabout seem very high.

Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Thompson seconded:

That repairs to the roundabout should be deferred for now, and that Cllr Kent should inspect the roundabout and give his opinion.

                        CARRIED unanimously

b) ES71 e)          Cricket Wicket – covered elsewhere on the agenda.

c) ES71 f) The resident concerned had contacted the clerk and asked that confirmation be sought as to who owns the boundary to the Memorial Field.

d) ES72 – The orders had been placed for the car park and replacement footbridges.

e) ES75 – The lights in both St Andrews Hall and the Day Centre had been replaced.

f) ES78 – the coronation bench had been received as had the memorial bench for David Henshaw.  Now that the hoardings had been removed from around the Community Centre a final decision on their location needs to be made.

g) ES79 – the Tennis courts nets and posts have been purchased using some of the S106 funding from the Community Centre project.


ES5                FOOTBALL PITCHES

                        Members considered the attached report regarding the use of council football pitches and determined the following:

a) i) Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Thompson seconded:

That the pitch at Green Lane could be offered to non-Paddock Wood Teams  for the coming season.

CARRIED 7 in favour, 1 against

ii) Cllr Moon proposed, Cllr Kent seconded:

That the Putlands Pitch could become a junior pitch.

CARRIED unanimously.

b) Members discussed the pitch report on the Elm Tree pitches

Cllr Mobbs proposed, Cllr H Atkins seconded:

That the Clerk and Estates Manager be authorised to work with PWFC to make the relevant grant applications.  Any financial implication to the town council would be                         referred to members.

CARRIED unanimously.

c) Cllr Mobbs proposed, Cllr Moon seconded:

That this committee recommends to the Full Council that it should apply for S106 funding from future development for improvements to the car park at Elm Tree

CARRIED 8 in favour, 1 abstention.



                        Members considered the attached report regarding the outstanding developer funding for the Memorial Field.

Cllr Moon proposed, Cllr H Atkins seconded:

 That an application to draw down the funding for further sports improvements at the Memorial site should be made

                        CARRIED unanimously


ES7                LEVELLING UP FUND

                        The borough council has just released details of the second phase of the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.  Full details were attached.  The Estates Manager made a previous application and the council received funds for the Wildflower Meadow at the end of Green Lane as well as some trees for Foal Hurst Wood.  The Closing date is 29th June and eligible projects will be as follows:

  • Street Scene Projects
  • Projects to improve Green Spaces
  • Projects that provide training to the local community

Members made the following suggestions for enhancements:

  • White Corner/Mount Pleasant
  • Rewilding the areas around John Brunt and Ridings
  • Planting of shrubs and bulbs under the pines at Memorial Park


Applications would be made as soon as possible.



The Town Council currently has a van on hire for which it pays £363.72/month. Purchasing an electric van proved to be uneconomic and it was agreed that a conventional van should be purchased. A total of £5,000 was allocated in the budget for 2023/24.  The only company which will offer an agreement to a Town Council is BNP Paribas.  The Council’s previous broker has identified a suitable van, details of which are attached for consideration.

Concern was expressed that the van suggested was diesel and not petrol.  The Estates Manager advised that vans of that size were generally diesel and not petrol. The current hire van was not really big enough and he needed a slightly larger one to  be able to carry equipment safely.

Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Mobbs seconded:

That the current provider should be contacted to see if a larger van was available within budget.

                 CARRIED unanimously.



A tree in the hedge line of the Memorial Field, backing onto Ringden Avenue has been identified as needing removal.  Due to the location of the tree a tracked cherry picket & chipper will be required.  Quoted costs were £2479.  The Estates Manager advised that he was seeking alternative quotes.


Cllr H Atkins proposed, Cllr Kent seconded:

            That a maximum cost of £2479 should be approved for the removal of the tree.

                 Carried unanimously.



The Estates Manager had nothing further to report.



The next meeting will take place on Monday 10th July at 7.45 pm.


Both Cllr H Atkins & R Atkins gave their apologies for the July meeting.



The meeting closed at 10 pm.

Paddock Wood Town Council