Estates Minutes – 11th October 2021 – Additional Document

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Putlands field and surface water all without prejudice



This is a multi-cause problem with no solution but there may be a fix.


In the normal course of events surface water passes from land to land then to stream to river and then on to sea.


In built up areas land to land then surface water drainage.


The situation at Putlands is:


  • Water collects in corner by Stace Cottages because a bund has been built inside the fence of a house in Sycamore Gardens.


  • There is also a bund behind the garage of Stace Cottage and along the hedge line for approx. 75 Mts


  • These bunds cause the land between the athletics track and the boundary of Stace cottages to flood. This then flows to the back until there is a gap and then drains to the car park at the back of Stace cottages and then to the Houses in Ashcroft Road where it meets a bund of houses garages and raised paths.


I have attended the site on several occasions, with Peter Trent engineer, David Marriott Flood warden. And I with Councillor, Flood warden and neighbour hats on.


The surface water drainage for two of the cottages and Stace House goes into a water harvesting system of unknown capacity. All that is known is that it cannot cope in heavy rain and presumably overflows on to the site.


There is a tarmac drive with no drainage.


So, in a heavy or prolonged rain event the water cannot drain away from the whole site that is Putlands and Stace Cottages. Other by natural drainage which in Weldon clay is slow.


Solutions looked at:


  • The Town Council has approached Southern water to see if the water on Putlands could be drained into the surface water drainage system Maidstone Road. No was the Answer.


  • Peter Trent suggested a solution where a surface water drainage system could be engineered for the Stace Cottage site draining into Ashcroft Road surface water system.


  • This would entail laying a network of pipes and drains on the Stace cottages site and through a garden in Ashcroft (maybe demolishing a Garage in the Process) looking at a six-figure fund.


  • Build a bund on Putlands. Has imprecations for liability for the council if it were to be broached


  • The resident’s build a bund on their side, keeps the water on Putlands field.


Consequence of both foot path will flood in times of a heavy rain event. Will not address the surface water drainage problem initiating on the Stace Cottage site which is beyond the control of The Town Council.


With regard to the footpath flooding this is just a consequence. When the Leigh barrier is lowered many footpaths are under water.



Simple and cost-effective solutions


  • Town Council builds a bund on its land after getting a non-liability document from the residents of Ashcroft and Stace Cottages. This will still not address the problem of Surface water accumulating on the Stace Cottage site and would in all probability be impossible.


  • The residents build a bund on their side. Still does not address the problem of surface water accumulating on the Stace Cottage site.




Cllr R Turk


Estates Meeting

11th October 2021

Paddock Wood Town Council