Estates Agenda – 10th October 2022

Agendas Uploaded on October 4, 2022


The Podmore Building, St Andrews Road, Paddock Wood

Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6HT

Telephone:  01892 837373


NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE ESTATES COMMITTEE to be held on Monday 10th October 2022 at 7.45pm in the Day Centre, Commercial Road.








                        To APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 27th July 2022.



                        (Items not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


  1. ES18 – Following agreement at the Full Council meeting held on the 15th August the electric van was ordered at a cost of £511.88/month

However, the lease purchase company have now advised that they will      not fund the Town Council as it is not a registered company.  The Broker has advised that PNB Paribas will lease to councils (the previous van was leased through them) but he will need to find an alternative supplier of the van.

  1. ES19 – The Jubilee bench for Putlands has been ordered and delivery is
  2. ES19 -Remembrance Bench – the “Lest We Forget” bench will cost £1379.  At the July meeting members specified a budget of £1000 for the bench – members are asked if they wish to progress this or seek a cheaper alternative.
  3. ES22 – A temporary Estates Worker was engaged, and he worked for the Council for two weeks.
  4. Path at Cemetery – the Estates Manager has again met with the Contractor to discuss remedial work to the path.


ES27              ESTATES BUDGET

                        To review the Estates budget figures.


ES28              TREE PLANTING

                        The Estates Manger has successfully applied for free trees from the Woodland Trust for the Queen’s Green Canopy. The Council will receive 420 saplings in March 2023.

The Estates Manager also applied to KCC for 200 trees for Foalhurst Wood.  This application has also been successful, and the trees will be available in November.

Attached is the tree planting schedule.

The council had allocated £6000 for tree planting for the Platinum Jubilee. Considering these free trees, the Estates Manager has advised that he would anticipate £2,000 being needed.

The committee is asked to consider using some of the allocation for improved planting at White’s Corner and Mount Pleasant as per the Estates Manager’s report.


ES29              CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

                        The Town Council has renewed the lease on the Christmas Lights for the next three years, at a cost of £5800 per year.  Paddock Wood Lights up have requested permission to attach a maestrio saver (communication box fitted to each decoration) @ £150 each.  This will allow the half the lights to be switched on at the same time.

Members are asked to approve the request.

The Christmas Trees will be installed week commencing 21st November 2022 in time for the Lights Up event on the 27th November.


ES30              CRICKET

The plans for the cricket wicket are being finalised by the contractors and it is hoped that work will start later in the month.

Ball strike netting will need to be purchased and installed by the Council when the wicket is ready in the shown locations.


ES31              TENNIS

                        The Clerk had had a meeting with the LTA who were offering to assist with the promotion with the new tennis courts.  If the Council joined the LTA (free of charge) then it would also have access to Club Spark the online booking programme for tennis courts.  It has been left that once the management of the site had been progressed then the clerk would get back in touch to progress this.


ES32              FAIR VISIT, ST ANDREWS

                        The council has been approached by Jolie Smith who runs a local funfair.

They would like to hold a fair on St Andrews Field during the October Half Term. (24th – 28th October)

They would need the site from the Monday morning to set up and open Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening.

Members are asked to consider this request and to consider what fee should be charged.


ES33              COMPOST HEAP

                        To consider a suitable location for a compost heap at the Cemetery. This would solely before the composting of green waste generated from the tributes laid on graves and would not be suitable for composting of waste generated by the Estates Staff.



                        To note the attached report from the Estates Manager.


ES35              CEMETERY RULES

                        Recently there have been breaches to rule 16 which specifies the size and quantity of tributes which may be placed on graves.  This has resulted in additional costs to the Council.

The committee is therefore asked to approve the following additions to the Cemetery Rules:

  • Under no circumstances are food or drink to be placed on grave spaces or ashes plots.
  • In the event of the Council incurring any additional costs due to a breach of the Cemetery rules, it reserves the right to charge the plot holders for those costs.



                        The Lions have requested permission to hold the Rockin’ in the Rec and the Carnival on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July 2023.  Holding the Carnival on the Sunday proved to be successful last year.



                        The Council has been approached by a Community Interest Company interested in assisting with an upgrade to the Skate Park.  They have previously worked with Swanley Town Council.  The Clerk will hold a preliminary meeting with them and report back to the Council in November.


ES38              DATE OF NEXT MEETING

The next meeting will take place on Monday 14th November 2022.







Clerk to the Council

4th October 2022





Paddock Wood Town Council