Disciplinary Rules

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on June 24, 2020




The following are examples of behaviour or actions that are considered to be gross misconduct and will, if proven, result in summary dismissal.  The list is illustrative and not exhaustive.


  1. Fighting, physical assault or causing an affray when the employee is on duty.


  1. Theft of Council money or property or that belonging to a member of staff or the public.


  1. Drunkenness on duty.


  1. Negligence resulting in, or deliberate destruction or damage to Council property.


  1. Loss of Council property resulting from negligent action(s).


  1. Gross insubordination.


  1. Deliberate destruction or damage to Council Property.


  1. Fraudulently claiming money or other resources from the Council.


  1. Behaviour which seriously risks the health or safety of another employee of the Council or a visitor of other person legitimately on Council premises or at the officer’s work place.


  1. Sexual misconduct at work.


  1. Falsification of a qualification, which is, stated requirement of the employment or which results in financial gain.


  1. Falsification of records or claims for personal gain.


  1. Failing or refusing to comply with a reasonable order, instruction or contractual requirement.


  1. Conduct likely to bring discredit to the Council’s business or organisation,


  1. Absence from duty without good cause and/or authority.


  1. Whilst absent on sick leave working or indulging in activities which are likely to be inconsistent with the reason for absence and/or are unlikely to be conducive to recovery.


  1. Sexual or racial harassment of colleagues.


  1. Breach of trust.