Adverse Weather Plan

Policies & Procedures Uploaded on June 24, 2020


Adverse Weather Management Plan


The experience of recent winters has highlighted the importance of co-operation between the various agencies and the value of the Town Council’s roles within the communities.

In the event of severe weather the Town Clerk and Estates Manager will determine what efforts can be made by the Town Council to facilitate access for the town’s residents. Moved from top of next page.


The Town Council does not have a statutory duty to prepare for and deal with snow, ice or flooding.  However, it is in a good position to inform the principal authorities about local needs.  Kent County Council’s winter service plans can be found at  Up to date information can also be obtained by following KCC’s Twitter feed – or local radio stations.  Paddock Wood Town Council also posts on Twitter and Facebook.


Ice and Snow

KCC’s primary gritting routes in Paddock Wood are Badsell Road, Maidstone Road, Commercial Road, Church Road and Pearsons Green Road.

A copy of the local primary gritting routes is attached to this document.


Where possible, the Town Council has a duty to ensure that its employees and users of its facilities have a safe passage.  The footpath through St Andrews Field, the area around the workshops and the Day Centre path will be gritted, if conditions allow.


Paddock Wood Town Council also holds 10 x 25 kg bags of salt which are supplied by Kent County Council. Waiting for clarification if this service is still available-but rest of paragraph can stay. This is for use in public areas. Estates staff will grit and clear the footpaths in Commercial Road and a walkway through both of the car parks, in the event that TWBC are unable to do so and conditions allow.


Members may, if they wish collect some grit and clear walkways in their vicinity. This is subject to availability.


Legal Advice and Litigation

Throughout the country people have been hesitant to clear snow because of fears of litigation of someone should slip on a treated area.


The Ministry of Justice has states that “The prospect of a person who volunteers to clear snow from a pavement being successfully sued for damages by a person who subsequently slips on the cleared area and is injured are very small.” A snow clearer does however have a duty to clear with reasonable care so  as not to create a  new or worse risk.


General advice for snow clearance:


  • Move snow to a porous surface such as grass verge or garden.
  • Spread salt/grit evenly at an appropriate spread rate.
  • Frost or ice after dry conditions =10-15 grams/sq metre
  • Frost or ice after drainfall/wet conditions =20-40 grams/sq metre
  • Snowfall= 20-40 grams/sq metre
  • Clear any excess salt or grit once the snow/ice has melted



  • Use water to melt snow, if there is a risk it will re-freeze
  • Move snow to a location where it will create another risk, such as another part of the pavement, road or where people are likely to walk
  • Use excessive salt, grit or other material so as to create a new or worse risk.



Salt Bins are located at:

Junction of Green Lane and Church Road

Mascalls Court Road and Chantlers Hill

Pearson’s Green Road at Junction of Castle Hill.


The bins are filled by Kent County Council (PWTC staff will check during the autumn and advise KCC if they need filling) and are for use on the public highway ONLY.





In order to help prevent flooding and avoid risk residents are urged to:

  • Register for flood alerts for their area

03000 41 8181


In the event of flooding residents are encouraged to call Floodline which is a dedicated phone information service you can call to receive the latest information for your area during a flood.

​0345 988 1188


In the event of a severe flooding event threatening residential property contact the Local Flood Resilience Team at the Environment Agency at or on 03708 506 506.


In a flood event the sandbag store at Putlands which will be unlocked and residents may collect sandbags if their homes are in danger of flooding. Sandbags should not be used to protect driveways, gardens and garages Disabled residents may contact the Town Council during office hours and if possible arrangements will be made to deliver a limited number of sand bags to their homes

Used sandbags should be disposed of by residents – PLEASE DO NOT RETURN CONTAMINATED SANDBAGS TO THE STORE


Storms and Wind

When there are storms and strong winds the estates manager in consultation with the Town Clerk will check trees and fences on Town Council land and arrange for or undertake any removal of branches or debris likely to be hazardous to the public.