Becoming a Town Councillor – Elections 2021

Becoming a Town Councillor – Elections 2021

Are you thinking about becoming a Town Councillor?

Elections will be held on the 24th May 2021 for new Councillors for Paddock Wood.

Key dates at present are:

• Nominations open – Friday 14th May to Thursday 27th May

Please have a read of the articles below for further information about the role of Town Councils and what you could do as a Town Councillor.

There is plenty of information about Paddock Wood Town Council on this website, but please read About PWTC for a brief overview.

Further information on the role of Town Councils and what they are responsible for can be found in the following pdfs.

If you think you would like to become a Councillor, please look at the following pdfs about becoming a Councillor and what you could bring to your local Council.

There are various rules and regulations that relate to local councils and elections which councillors must be aware of.  The following documents should be read and understood.

If you wish to apply for the Elections please read the Parish Election Pack for candidates from TWBC.

Please keep an eye on this webpage as we will update it further with updates on the May election process.